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Watch Tour de France UK 2024: Ultimate Guide and Tips! 🚴

watch tour de france uk

The Tour de France is one of the most thrilling sporting events of the year, and watching it from the UK couldn't be easier. UK cycling fans can catch live coverage of every stage on GCN+, Discovery+, Eurosport, and ITV4. These platforms provide extensive viewing options that will keep you in the heart of the action.

If you're wondering where to watch Tour de France UK, you're in luck. The Tour is broadcast on several major channels, ensuring you won't miss a single sprint or mountain climb. With so many options, cycling enthusiasts can find the perfect way to follow their favorite riders and teams.

For those who prefer to stream the race online, the process is straightforward. Subscribers to platforms like GCN+ and Discovery+ can watch live streams and highlights on their devices. This way, you can follow the Tour de France from the comfort of your home or on the go.

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Key Takeaways

  • GCN+, Discovery+, Eurosport, and ITV4 broadcast the Tour in the UK.
  • Multiple streaming options allow you to watch live and on-demand.
  • Enjoy comprehensive coverage, including highlights and analysis.

Quick Stream Comparison Table on How to Watch Tour de France UK Using a VPN

To make it simple to watch Tour de France UK using a VPN, I’ve put together this comparison table.

Streaming ServiceAccess TypeGeographical AvailabilityRecommended VPN Connection Location
NBC's PeacockSubscriptionUSAUSA
EurosportSubscriptionPan-EuropeanUK or any other European country
SBS On DemandFreeAustraliaAustralia

Streaming services like NBC's Peacock and FloBikes offer comprehensive coverage of the Tour de France. Connecting to a USA-based VPN server works best for these platforms.

ITV Hub provides free access to watch Tour de France UK. Using a UK-based VPN server will let you stream without restrictions.

Eurosport covers various countries across Europe. Using a UK or European server ensures smooth streaming.

For Australians, SBS On Demand is a great option. Connecting through an Australian VPN server will give you access to their live streams.

These VPN options ensure you can enjoy the Tour de France coverage no matter where you are.

Quick Easy Steps to Watch Tour de France UK Using a VPN

To watch Tour de France UK using a VPN, follow these steps.

Step 1: Choose a VPN Service

Select a VPN with fast speeds and good unblocking capabilities. I recommend ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

Step 2: Download and Install the VPN

Download the chosen VPN application from the official website or app store. Install the app following the instructions provided.

Step 3: Connect to a UK Server

Open the VPN app. Connect to a server located in the UK for optimal streaming performance.

Step 4: Access Streaming Platforms

Once connected, visit a platform that broadcasts the Tour de France. For the UK, ITV Hub and Eurosport are good options.

Step 5: Start Streaming

Log in or sign up for the streaming service if required. Now, watch Tour de France UK and enjoy!

1. Choose a VPNSelect ExpressVPN or NordVPN
2. Download and InstallFollow installation instructions
3. Connect to UK ServerConnect to a UK server for best results
4. Access PlatformsUse ITV Hub or Eurosport in the UK
5. Start StreamingLog in and enjoy the Tour de France live stream

Watching the Tour de France UK

spectators line the streets, waving flags and cheering as cyclists race through the picturesque uk countryside - watch tour de france uk

There are several ways to watch Tour de France UK, including TV broadcasts and live streaming services. I will cover the key options for accessing these streams and whether using a VPN is necessary for enhanced viewing flexibility.

TV Broadcast Options

In the UK, I can watch Tour de France on ITV4 and the Welsh-language channel S4C. These channels provide live coverage, along with highlights and analysis. Additionally, Eurosport also airs the event, offering extensive commentary and multiple viewing options. These broadcasts are reliable and easily accessible to anyone with a basic digital TV package, ensuring I don’t miss any races.

Live Stream Access

For live streaming, GCN+ and Discovery+ are my go-to platforms. Both offer comprehensive live coverage of the Tour de France. GCN+ is known for its in-depth analysis and additional cycling content. In addition, Eurosport’s online service allows me to stream races directly. Each of these live streaming platforms often requires a subscription, but they provide high-quality and uninterrupted coverage.

Using VPN for Viewing

Using a VPN can be beneficial when I am looking to stream the Tour de France from different locations. A VPN allows me to change my virtual location, granting access to region-locked content. For instance, if I am outside the UK and want to catch the race on ITV4, a VPN can make this possible by bypassing geo-restrictions.

Why do you need a VPN to access?

I need a VPN to access content that is geographically restricted. For example, if I travel outside the UK, I might not be able to watch live broadcasts on ITV4 or stream from Eurosport. A VPN masks my IP address, making it appear as if I am accessing the content from the UK, thus allowing me to watch Tour de France UK seamlessly.

What features should a VPN have for me to watch?

When choosing a VPN to watch Tour de France UK, the one I select should offer high-speed connections to avoid buffering during live broadcasts. It should also have servers in the UK for unblocking ITV4 and other UK-based streaming services. Additionally, good encryption and a no-logs policy ensure my data remains secure while I enjoy the race.

Should I use a free VPN?

While it might be tempting to use a free VPN, I usually find that they often have limitations such as lower speeds, data caps, and fewer server locations. These restrictions can hinder my viewing experience, leading to interrupted streams and poor picture quality. For a seamless experience, it’s better to invest in a reliable, paid VPN service that offers robust performance and security features.

International Broadcasting

The Tour de France is watched globally, and many countries have their own broadcasters and streaming services that air the event live. Below, I will break down the options for the USA, Australia, and various European countries.

Coverage in the USA and Australia

In the USA, viewers can watch Tour de France live on NBC’s Peacock, which has monthly and yearly subscriptions available. This ensures that you won't miss any of the action. FloBikes is another option, offering a broader cycling season package for $150 per year.

In Australia, SBS on Demand offers free live streaming of the Tour de France. This makes it accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The combination of free and subscription services ensures comprehensive coverage.

European Broadcasters

European coverage is extensive. Fans can watch Tour de France UK on ITV4, GCN+, Discovery+, and Eurosport. Each of these offers live streams, along with highlights and in-depth analysis. This variety provides multiple ways to catch the race.

In Spain, Italy, and Belgium, similar options are available. For instance, Belgian viewers can enjoy the race on RTBF, while RAI covers the event in Italy. Spanish fans can tune into RTVE, which offers widespread coverage. These options make the Tour de France accessible to cycling enthusiasts across Europe.

Exploring Non-UK Options

For those outside the UK, there are reliable ways to watch the Tour de France. Besides the mention of Peacock and FloBikes in the USA, platforms like Discovery+ and Eurosport are pivotal. These platforms offer varied packages that cater to different viewer needs, ensuring no one misses out.

Australians can enjoy the race on SBS on Demand. This free service is a standout, providing high-quality streaming without a fee. These varied options ensure international fans can follow every stage of the race no matter where they are.

Viewing Experience

The Tour de France offers a variety of ways to watch and enjoy the race in the UK. You'll find a mix of live coverage, highlights, and subscription options. Some broadcasts are free-to-air while others require a subscription for premium features.

Broadcast Features

In the UK, you can catch the Tour de France on channels like ITV4 and S4C. These channels provide free-to-air access, making it easy to follow the race without paying extra. Eurosport and Discovery+ also stream the event, catering to cycling fans with dedicated coverage.

Live coverage includes real-time broadcasting of the race, allowing you to stay up to date with the latest action. In addition, various broadcasters offer highlights, so you can catch up on the key moments if you miss the live event.

Subscription services often come with extra features like in-depth analysis, expert reviews, and multi-device streaming. For instance, NBC’s Peacock service provides a comprehensive streaming experience for a monthly or yearly fee.

How to Enhance Your Viewing

To make the most of your viewing experience, consider using the Tour de France Official App. This app provides real-time stats, rider profiles, and detailed stage information. It’s especially helpful for die-hard fans who want to stay updated on every aspect of the race.

Joining online forums or social media groups can also enhance your experience. These communities offer discussions, fan insights, and instant updates. Many fans share their favorite highlights and reviews, which can add an extra layer of enjoyment.

Investing in a good quality TV or streaming device can significantly improve the display and sound quality. Many modern TVs and smart devices come with features like HD or 4K streaming, ensuring you don’t miss any detail of the race.

Understanding the Sport

Knowing the basics of cycling will make watching the Tour de France more enjoyable. The Tour de France is a multi-stage event, usually held over 21 days. Each stage varies in terrain and distance, testing the cyclists' endurance and skills.

Key terms include peloton (the main group of riders), yellow jersey (leader of the general classification), and time trials (races against the clock). Teams play a crucial role, providing support and strategy for their lead riders.

Reading reviews and cycling guides can give you a better grasp of the strategies and tactics involved. A deeper understanding of the sport allows you to appreciate not just the racing and how to watch Tour de France UK, but also the skill and effort behind it.

Tour de France Overview

the tour de france cyclists race through the picturesque french countryside, with cheering spectators lining the route

The Tour de France is one of the most prestigious and challenging cycling events in the world. With a rich history, a diverse race profile, and some of the best teams and riders, it captivates millions of fans each year.

History and Prestige

The Tour de France began in 1903 and has since grown into cycling's most famous race. Riders compete for the Yellow Jersey, symbolizing the overall leader. This race has seen legends like Chris Froome, Egan Bernal, and Geraint Thomas rise to fame. Each year, the race draws attention from fans worldwide, making it a cornerstone of professional cycling.

2023 Race Profile

The 2023 Tour de France starts in Florence, Italy, with a road stage. It spans multiple stages across challenging terrains in both Italy and France. Riders will face mountain climbs and sprints, ending the race in Nice. Watching the race promises a blend of strategy and endurance as cyclists aim for the coveted Yellow Jersey.

Teams and Key Riders

Key teams include Jumbo-Visma, UAE Team Emirates, Ineos Grenadiers, Bahrain Victorious, and Movistar Team. Notable riders to watch are Jonas Vingegaard and Tadej Pogacar, who represent Jumbo-Visma and UAE Team Emirates respectively. Other riders like Adam Yates and Mark Cavendish are also significant, ensuring competitive and thrilling racing.

Stages and Key Locations

In this guide on how to watch Tour de France UK, the event features a variety of stages, each presenting unique challenges and spectacular scenery. Key mountain stages, time trials, and the iconic final ride through Paris make the race an unparalleled cycling event.

Notable Stages

The Tour de France includes several unforgettable stages. This year, the route begins with a challenging opening in the Pyrenees. Riders will navigate the steep climbs of Peyragudes and the tricky descents of Morzine.

Cobbles make an appearance, adding extra difficulty to otherwise flat stages. These sections often determine stage wins and can be pivotal for the overall standings. Each stage brings its own blend of excitement and unpredictability, ensuring that the race is captivating from start to finish.

Mountain and Time Trial Challenges

Mountain stages in the Alps and Massif Central are always highlights. These stages test the riders' endurance and climbing skills.

The Vosges region, known for its steep and relentless climbs, will also feature prominently. Individual Time Trials (ITT) are crucial, requiring precision and speed. This year's route includes a particularly challenging ITT, demanding both mental and physical strength from the riders.

The Final Stage in Paris

The grand finale takes place in Paris, historically culminating on the Paris Champs-Elysees. This stage is symbolic and highly anticipated, offering a rare flat, yet prestigious race.

Cyclists sprint down the iconic boulevard, cheered on by massive crowds. This year, the finish line remains the centerpiece of the event. The Paris stage is not just significant for its grandeur—it often defines the final rankings and showcases the ultimate endurance of the cyclists.

Each of these stages and key locations adds to the rich tapestry of the Tour de France. They highlight the riders' capabilities across various terrains, from the rigors of mountain climbs to the precision of time trials, and the exuberance of the final Paris sprint.

Rider Spotlight

a spotlight shines on a tour de france map in the uk. the map is surrounded by different viewing options for watching the event

Moving on with this guide on how to watch Tour de France UK, it's crucial to focus on key riders who may shine. From the defending champion to top contenders and specialists, each rider brings unique strengths to the race.

Defending Champion

Tadej Pogačar, from Slovenia, is the defending champion and a main figure to watch. He has shown remarkable consistency and versatility, winning different stages with both his climbing and time-trialing abilities. His dominance in previous Tours makes him a favorite again.

In past editions, Pogačar has outperformed rivals on the most challenging mountain stages. His resilience and strategic prowess set him apart. Whether he's attacking on a climb or defending in a time trial, he rarely falters. Fans and competitors alike will be keeping a close eye on his performance this year.

Contenders and Dark Horses

Several riders pose a challenge to Pogačar. Wout Van Aert, for instance, is known for his versatility and has been impressive in one-day classics and stage races. Though primarily a classics specialist and sprinter, Van Aert's endurance and climbing ability make him a strong contender for the general classification.

Tom Pidcock, a young British rider, also shows great promise. Having made significant strides in mountain biking and cyclo-cross, he brings a dynamic skill set to his road racing. Another name to watch is Mathieu Van Der Poel, whose explosive power and tactical acumen could make a surprising impact.

Lastly, Matej Mohorič, also from Slovenia, is a dark horse. Known for his daring descents and aggressive racing style, Mohorič can shake things up on both flat and hilly stages.

Sprint Specialists and Climbers

Sprint specialists play a critical role in the Tour, dominating flat stages. Riders like Caleb Ewan and Sam Bennett are expected to shine in these high-speed finishes. Their teams often work tirelessly to set them up for victory in mass sprints.

On the climbing front, support riders are just as critical as the leaders. Riders like Richard Carapaz and Primož Roglič excel in mountainous stages. Their climbing prowess and strategic moves in the high-altitude stages can be pivotal for their teams. Often, these stages are where the general classification is decided, making climbers essential to any serious bid for the yellow jersey.

Teams to Watch

a crowd gathers at a lively outdoor event, with a big screen showing the tour de france in the uk. flags and banners fly, and people enjoy food and drinks while watching the race

There are some exciting teams participating in the Tour de France this year. Fans and viewers should keep an eye on these notable teams for various reasons, including their unexpected potential and strong international representation.

Underdog Teams

Movistar Team has consistently shown potential in the past. They are known for their strategic teamwork and perseverance. Despite facing strong competition, they often manage to surprise everyone with their performance.

Israel-Premier Tech is another team worth watching. They have gradually built a solid reputation. This year, they might bring unexpected challenges to the more dominant teams.

Finally, Bahrain Victorious has been steadily improving. They've made headlines with some impressive rides. I anticipate they will continue to be a force to reckon with.

International Team Presence

UAE Team Emirates has a diverse lineup that includes strong contenders from various countries. Their international mix often brings unique strategies and collaborative efforts that make them exciting to follow.

Jumbo-Visma, featuring top cyclists from several nations, brings a well-rounded and internationally respected team to the race. Their balance of talent across different terrains is noteworthy.

Ineos Grenadiers is known for its international presence with riders from various parts of the world. This team often leverages its global diversity to perform exceptionally well.

Each of these teams brings a unique flavor to the race, making the Tour de France a thrilling event to watch.

Technical Aspects

a television displaying the tour de france in the uk, with a remote control nearby and a cozy living room setting

In this section of my guide on how to watch Tour de France UK, I will discuss the key elements that impact the technical performance of cyclists during the Tour de France. This includes the cutting-edge equipment and technology they use, strategies for succeeding in each stage, and how weather and terrain play crucial roles.

Equipment and Technology

Cyclists rely heavily on advanced equipment to gain a competitive edge. Aerodynamic bikes are designed to reduce drag, allowing riders to move faster with less effort. Lightweight materials like carbon fiber contribute to a bike's speed and maneuverability. Many teams use electronic shifting systems, which allow for precise gear changes.

Modern bikes also include power meters, providing real-time data on a rider’s effort. GPS devices and performance monitoring software help teams analyze every aspect of a race. All these technologies combined help cyclists navigate the challenges of stages efficiently.

Strategies for Stage Success

Winning a stage in the Tour de France involves well-thought-out strategies. Riders must conserve energy while staying close to the peloton. Breaking away at the right moment is critical for a stage win. Time trials require riders to maximize their speed and efficiency over short distances, often deciding the race's overall standings.

Cyclists often draft behind teammates to reduce wind resistance and preserve energy. Effective use of team dynamics can be seen in the way teams support their lead rider, protecting them from crashes and navigating them through cobbled streets. Each stage demands different tactics to secure victory.

Influence of Weather and Terrain

Weather conditions drastically impact performance. Riders must adapt to rain, which can make cobbles and roads slick, increasing the chances of crashes. Heat and humidity can drain stamina, making hydration strategies vital. Cold weather requires appropriate gear to maintain body temperature without hindering mobility.

The terrain is equally significant. Mountain stages, with their steep climbs, challenge a rider’s endurance and climbing skills. In contrast, flat stages favor sprinters who excel in the final bursts of speed. Each rider's specialty is often suited to particular terrain types, influencing team selection and race strategies.

Tour Timelines

In this guide on how to watch Tour de France UK, I’ll break down the schedule, including notable stages and key locations. The Tour de France is a highly structured event with specific dates for each stage, rest days, and a grand closing ceremony.

Schedule Overview

The Tour de France generally starts with a Grand Départ that often takes place outside of France. For instance, the 2022 Tour de France began in Denmark, covering cities like Copenhagen, Roskilde, and Nyborg. In 2024, the race kicks off in the Basque Country, starting from Bilbao.

Each day features a different stage. By the end of the tour, riders will have covered 21 stages. The race typically spans three weeks, taking cyclists through a variety of terrains and cities.

Rest Days and Transfers

During the three-week event, rest days are essential for the cyclists to recover and prepare for the next grueling stage. These breaks are planned strategically. There are usually two rest days, falling after several days of intense racing.

Transfers between stages are common. For example, in the 2022 Tour, cyclists traveled from Denmark back to France. Moving from Vejle to nearby cities showcases the logistical complexity involved. These transfers are crucial as they allow organizers to cover more ground and introduce new challenging routes.

Closing Ceremonies

Stage 21 marks the final day of the Tour de France. The last stage is often seen as a ceremonial ride, ending in Paris at the Champs-Élysées. Cyclists ride through the city, celebrating their hard-fought journey.

The closing ceremony includes the awarding of jerseys and trophies. It's a grand celebration of endurance and sportsmanship. Riders, support teams, and fans come together to acknowledge the achievements of the tour. The festive atmosphere in Paris makes it a fitting end to such a monumental event.

Conclusion and Personal Recommendation

After exploring various options on where to watch Tour de France UK, I believe the best method depends on your preferences and situation.

For free-to-air options, ITV4 and S4C are the go-to choices. You can watch Tour de France in English on ITV4 and in Welsh on S4C. Both channels provide extensive coverage throughout the race.

Subscription services like Eurosport and Discovery+ offer additional features, including on-demand replays and supplementary content. These platforms are excellent if you want to delve deeper into race analyses and behind-the-scenes footage.

If you prefer streaming online to watch Tour de France UK, you might consider using a VPN to access different country-specific broadcasts. This gives you the flexibility to choose from various international commentary and coverage styles.

For dedicated cycling enthusiasts, the FloBikes service, although pricier, offers a comprehensive package that includes other cycling events besides the Tour de France.

I personally recommend combining a free-to-air service like ITV4 with a VPN to watch Tour de France UK and access additional content from other regions. This way, you get the best of both worlds—free and varied coverage without spending too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to watch Tour de France UK is exciting and accessible. You can catch the event on various channels and streaming services, find route maps, and even join fan parks.

What channel is the Tour de France on 2024?

You can watch Tour de France UK on ITV4, Eurosport, and Discovery+. ITV4 offers free-to-air coverage. Eurosport and Discovery+ provide additional paid options for extensive coverage.

How can I watch Tour de France 2024 in the UK?

ITVX and S4C are free platforms where you can watch Tour de France UK. Eurosport and Discovery+ offer more extensive options, but they require a subscription.

Where can I find the Tour de France 2024 route map?

The official Tour de France website provides detailed route maps for each stage. Cycling news websites and related forums also share updated maps and analyses.

Are there any Tour de France fan parks in the UK?

Yes, several cities in the UK set up fan parks where enthusiasts can watch the race on big screens and engage in activities. Local cycling clubs and community centers often host these events.

How to purchase tickets for Tour de France 2024?

Generally, the Tour de France itself doesn't require tickets as it takes place on public roads. Select VIP packages for stage finishes and starting lines are available through authorized sellers on the official Tour de France website.

Which streaming services provide access to the Tour de France?

You can stream and watch Tour de France UK on services like FloBikes, ITVX, Eurosport Player, and Discovery+. Each platform offers different levels of coverage and may require a subscription for full access.

That’s all for now:

I hope that you understand how to watch Tour de France UK live stream and other relevant tips! If you have any other questions in your mind, please feel free to ask me in the comment section below. Also, don't forget to check the other reviews and guides on my website too.


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