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Best Guide To Watch Star Trek Movies In Order

If there is one timeless science fiction franchise, then that would be Star Trek Films. The Star Trek movies franchise is still alive, and upcoming shows are currently in production. However, it isn't simple to watch Star Trek movies in order if you are a newcomer to the Star Trek universe due to the many shows lined up before you.

It confuses fans because they can’t understand Star Trek movie timelines. Star Trek is a timeless series even after so many years because it is always a breath of fresh air. It is because this science fiction is all about a world where there is no misogyny and racism, especially in Star Trek The Motion.

Trek Universe provides a memorable experience for the cinema but has some shortcomings as the series is complex. Newbies require clarification because they must learn how to start the series. The most hit films from the franchise include Star Trek II, Trek IV the Voyage, Trek the Motion Picture, Trek V The Final, Star Trek III, and Star Trek III the search. We have rounded up a list of Star Trek movies to resolve that issue and get you in the proper Star Trek Chronological order.

Stark Trek Chronological Order

The Star Trek franchise is still a household name as it is a building block for modern-day science fiction. This science fiction series produced TV shows, movies, video games, novels, and comic books for science fiction nerds. Watching Star Trek films in order is crucial to get the most context out of them. For example, when you watch Star Trek films in order, you understand the quest to travel back in time in Star Trek First Contact.

Look at the all Star Trek movies in order below.

  • Enterprise [The year 2151-2161]
  • Discovery Seasons 1-2 [The year 2255]
  • The First Six Star Trek Films [The Year 2273-2293]
  • The Next Generation [The year 2364-2370]
  • Generations Up to Nemesis [The Year 2293-2379]
  • Deep Space Nine [The Year 2369-2375]
  • Voyager [The Year 2371-2378]
  • Picard [The year 2399]

1. Star Trek: Enterprise [The year 2151-2161]

Watch Star Trek movies in order - Enterprise Year [2151-2161]
Star Trek Enterprise Year 2151 2161

According to the timeline, Star Trek: Enterprise is the earliest in the franchise. It is a prequel to the original Star Trek series, and this story is all about the first warp-five capable ships on Earth. Archer takes his crew to space as Earth Starfleet launches the first Starship. This is when they have contact for the first time with different Star Trek aliens in the universe.

It is among the iconic moments in the franchise because it opens a new path for exploration and discovery for Earth. In this film, the Star Trek series shows the humans in the cold war, as this is when they meet the Star Trek aliens for the first time. That is the reason why this is the first Star Trek film for you should start your space journey.

2. Star Trek: Discovery Seasons 1-2 [The year 2255]

Watch Star Trek movies in order - Star-Trek-Discovery-Seasons-1-2-Year-2255
Star Trek Discovery Seasons 1 2 Year 2255

This is the second one to watch when watching Star Trek movies in order. Star Trek Discovery Seasons 1-2 is the second movie you will watch on this journey because this is the first film to feature Michael Burnham. She is the Main character in this film and an officer as the science specialist. This is an exciting period for the franchise because Michael and her crew members face a galaxy and are almost in a war.

On the other hand, in the next Star Trek discovery season, Michael and her crew members go on a journey to catch a unique creature known as ‘The Red Angel.' This is when they prepare for a one-way trip to a far distance. The Star Trek set in this film is mesmerizing, and you will find a lot of decor inspiration in this if you are passionate about the design aspect of Star Trek.

3. The First Six Star Trek Films [The Year 2273-2293]

Watch Star Trek movies in order - The-First-Six-Star-Trek-Films-Year-[2273-2293]
The First Six Star Trek Films Year 2273 2293

After three years of Kirk's adventures on the Enterprise, the first six Star Trek movies were released. Kirk decides to join the Enterprise crew to discover what is happening with the energy cloud in space. For that, he joins as the Admiral at Starfleet headquarters.

4. Star Trek: The Next Generation [The year 2364-2370]

Watch Star Trek movies in order - Star-Trek-The-Next-Generation-Year-[2364-2370]
Star Trek The Next Generation Year 2364 2370

Trek The Next Generation takes place after the five-year journey of the USS, and until this time, almost a century has passed. This is when the exploration mission begins, 70 years after the Undertaker of Star Trek VI. Klingons and Humans finally unite and are at total peace. Are you looking for Star Trek movies in order to watch? Watch this one at number 6 because it is an exciting era for the fans. This series features the incarnation of the most famous Starship in the franchise.

However, this time it is significant compared to the Starship of Captain James T. Kirk played by William Shatner. There are many other crew members in the Starship, which the viewers have not seen before, and it is an enjoyable experience for the audience. There are multiple benefits for the new crew, such as more recreational opportunities and food dishes. This time the mission of the new crew members is more than just a five-year mission.

5. Star Trek Films 7-10: Generations Up to Nemesis [The Year 2293-2379]

Watch Star Trek movies in order - Star-Trek-Films-7-10-Generations-Up-to-Nemesis-Year-[2293-2379]
Star Trek Films 7 10 Generations Up to Nemesis Year 2293 2379

Star Trek Films 7-10: Generations Up to Nemesis is when the iconic torches passed from Captain James to Picard. As the five-year mission concludes, this is the final era in the adventures of Picard and his crew members. Considering the Star Trek movie timeline, this film takes place after four years of Star Trek Generations. Enterprise-D and Picard finally complete their final mission with each other, and the Star Trek deep space nine events also finish.

In the generation’s series, Romulan's new leader causes problems for the Federation and is then investigated. It takes some time, and then they finally discover that the new leader is a genetic clone of Picard.

6. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [The Year 2369-2375]

Watch Star Trek movies in order - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine [Year 2369-2375]
Star Trek Deep Space Nine Year 2369 2375

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the era that takes place when five years pass after the next generations. This series is quite interesting. It differs from the others because it has no star fleet ship abroad. This show evolves around the political and defensive station, the franchise's deep space nine.

It is all about the commercial Space Station in one and an outpost near a stable wormhole in space. This Space Station belongs to the inhabitants of Bajor freedom fighters. These freedom fighters are finally able to put an end to the cruel Cardassian occupation in the world.

7. Star Trek: Voyager [The Year 2371-2378]

Watch Star Trek movies in order - Star-Trek-Voyager-[Year-2371-2378]
Star Trek Voyager Year 2371 2378

Star Trek: Voyager is number four in the season ranking of the original series. It is essential to watch Star Trek movies in order to grasp the story of Voyager better. This show revolves around the adventures of Captain Kathryn Janeway. Her Adventures are about chasing Maquis's vessel as she is abroad on the USS Voyage.

This is a fascinating period for all the space enthusiasts watching the show. Because Maquis is suddenly teleported 70,000 light years away, you wonder what state he would be in. The Star Trek Voyager is smaller when compared to other Starships of Picard or Kirk. There is space of only 150 crew members on this starship. Beware of the power of this Starship, even though it is small.

8. Star Trek: Picard [The year 2399]

Watch Star Trek movies in order - Star-Trek-Picard-Year-2399
Star Trek Picard Year 2399

Star Trek: Picard is the latest Star Trek movie that is out there for you to watch. The story is about Captain Picard when 20 years have passed. In the universe, Picard retires and starts working for his family's vineyard. It is an unfortunate moment for him because he mourns the death of his friends and misses them. The planet is in shambles now because its sun went supernova in 2387.

Suddenly a stranger shows up in front of Picard and asks him for help. Initially, Picard is unaware of his association with a stranger. But when he finds out about the relationship, Picard is ready for his next mission and goes on to help him. He finds a planet of Synths and joins the Federation. In the end, he becomes immortal.


What Order is Star Trek into Darkness & Why Is Trek 2 So Good?

Star Trek Into Darkness is the 12th installment of the franchise. Trek II The Wrath is incredible because it balances the suspense with action.

Is It Necessary To Watch The Star Trek Movies In Order?

Every Star Trek movie has its storyline, and they are not connected. However, it is still recommended to watch them in the right order because it will give you a better understanding of the whole narrative of the plot. Watching Star Trek films in order is beneficial because you can better understand the characters' relationships.

Is It Important To Watch The Star Trek Tv Show Before I Watch The Movies?

No. Watching TV shows before you start watching Star Trek movies is not required. However, if you watch TV shows, you can better understand the whole background and the depth of the franchise's storyline.

What Is The Difference Between The Original Star Trek And Reboot Movies?

The original Star Trek movies were released in the 1980s and 1990s. The reboot movies of the franchise were released in the 2000s and 2010s. The reboot movies feel more modern and full of action and adventure. On the other hand, original Star Trek movies focus more on exploration and character development.

Final Thoughts

The Star Trek series is not released for the viewers to watch that way. The original series is not broadcasted in the production order, confusing the audience. Due to the exciting difference in the timeline and prequels of this franchise, it is still among one of the best science fiction franchises to watch. Star Trek is the founding father of the science fiction genre in cinema today.

This fantastic franchise is about having an optimistic vision for humanity and all the cultural influences. This series is according to different timelines and perspectives. Watch all Star Trek movies in order to understand everything because it is about the details and storyline.

The character development is impressive, so watch all Star Trek reboot movies in order. As a new Trek fan, a fantastic face journey awaits you, so check it out and watch it chronologically.


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