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Best Guide: Where To Watch Govinda Naam Mera in 2023

watch govinda naam mera

If you are tired of watching complex movies lately and want to watch something for fun, Govinda Naam Mera is the right pick. Don't worry; I will also guide you on where to watch Govinda Naam Mera. Some factors in this movie are illogical. But that doesn't change the fact that it is worth a watch and is a hilarious movie.

This movie has many silly scenes and makes you laugh for two long hours. Don't take this movie seriously because it is a light-hearted comedy thriller. However, if you are at some place where this movie is not available due to geo-restrictions. Then you can use the VPN to unblock and watch this movie.

Quick Easy Steps on How and Where To Watch Govinda Naam Mera In USA

Simply follow the below steps to watch Govinda Naam Mera online using a VPN.

  1. Choose a premium VPN service that is optimized for streaming. I recommend ExpressVPN's free trial. It has multiple plans you can choose from.

  2. Download, install, and set up the VPN on your device.

  3. Connect to a server in India.

  4. Open the Disney+Hotstar streaming platform.

  5. Find Govinda Naam Mera and start streaming.

Govinda Naam Mera Where To Watch?

Govinda Naam Mera featuring Vicky Kaushal and Kiara Advani is available on Disney+Hotstar. However, if you are at some place where the channel is geo-restricted, you have to use the VPN to access Disney+Hotstar and stream the movie.

What Is The Release Date Of Govinda Naam Mera?

Naam Mera Govinda was released on 16th December 2022. Karan Johar and Vicky Kaushal were featured in a video where Karan Johar pitched the film' script to Kaushal. Vicky seemed confused in the video because he didn’t know what type of film it was. According to Karan Johar, Vicky is a “firecracker entertainer”. This is the video in which Karan Johar announced the Direct-to-OTT release date of Govinda Naam Mera.

What is The Plot Of Govinda Naam Mera Movie?

In this film, a man is unhappy with his wife because she tortures him. He has a girlfriend, and so much is happening in his life. He also has a case in court with his stepbrother for the wealth their father left behind. Govinda's mother's hilarious secret gave her a highlight in this movie. Many absurd things happen in this movie, but it is light-hearted at the same time.

watch govinda naam mera
watch govinda naam mera

You will notice a lot of situational humor in this movie. Govinda has a very troubling life, even the maid working in his home has more authority. Whenever he tries to do something, it always goes wrong. Toward the movie's end, Govinda finally starts to succeed at what he wants to do.

It makes the audience laugh when things turn right for Govinda. It is a silly movie that you enjoy for 2 hours. Govinda is juggling between his wife and girlfriend. Both don't know about each other. This is a fun movie and does not lack originality because the cast is perfect for their role.

The Cast? Who are The Main Characters of Govinda Naam Mera?

The main characters of cast of Govinda Naam Mera are:

  • Vicky Kaushal As Govya.
  • Kiara Advani As Kusu.
  • Bhumi Pednekar As Ghari.
  • Dyanand Shetti As Inspector Javed.

Who are The Producers?

The producer of Govinda Naam Mera is Karan Johar. Dharma productions are the production house of this movie.

How Many Series/Episodes? 

Govinda Mera Naam is a popular Indian film. It doesn't have any series or episodes and consists of just one movie.

What is The Rating of Govinda Naam Mera?

Govinda Mera Naam is rated ‘U/A' (Parental Guidance) by the Indian Censor Board. This means that children below the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult to watch this film. The movie contains some mild violence and language, so parental guidance is necessary for smaller viewers.

Official Trailer of Govinda Naam Mera

Official trailer of Govinda Naam Mera is:

User Reviews

IMDB Rating

Where to watch govinda naam mera IMDB Rating
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Govinda Naam Mera?

You can watch Govinda Mera Naam online on the popular streaming service Disney+Hotstar.

Is there a sequel to Govinda Naam Mera?

No, there is no sequel to Govinda Mera Naam. The movie was a one-off film and did not have any series or episodes.

What is the running time of Govinda Naam Mera?

The running time of Govinda Mera Naam is approximately 2 hours. But these 2 hours are filled with lots of fun, drama, and emotion that will keep you entertained throughout the film.

Is Govinda Naam Mera available on Blu-ray?

Yes, the film is available for purchase and streaming in high definition on Blu-ray discs. You can find it online or at most major retailers.

Final Thoughts on Watch Govinda Mera Naam

Govinda Naam Mera is an easy-to-watch movie. You won't find yourself bored for a second while watching this movie. It is an engaging and clever movie that makes you curious about what will happen next. Vicky Kaushal did a great job because he played the character right. All the actors did justice to their roles in this movie. The official trailer is available the watch on YouTube.

I hope that you like my guide to watch Govinda Naam Mera movie. If you have any other questions, do let me know in the comments section below. I also have other articles and guides on my website; don't forget to check them out.


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