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10 Best Torrent Sites for Movies in 2023 (Safe and Working)

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Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top picks? The best torrenting site for movies for most people is YTS.

Introduction to Best Torrent Websites for Movies

In this era of uninterrupted streaming, free torrent sites for movies still win the game by providing users access to their favorite media libraries. This goes well, especially for pirated content, which is too difficult to access online. People love to have the best torrent to download movie releases and enjoy them in ultra HD modes. What's better than watching your favorite movie in the highest definition?

Torrenting itself is not illegal in most countries, but the file you torrent MAY be if it is still under copyright. I don’t condone illegal torrenting, so be sure to check the rules and regulations in your country before you download anything that might be protected under copyright.

Not all 4k movie torrenting sites are safe to use. Many popular torrent sites for movies contain harmful virus files that can put your data privacy at risk. So, to protect your system from malicious third-party attacks and tracking, I recommend avoiding using a Free VPN and instead using a premium VPN software like ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN can actually be used with a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee in case you are looking for the best torrent sites for movies. So you can use its premium service for free for 30 days and get your money back quickly.

Besides that, you should always use only the best movie torrenting sites. To help you reach the best 4K movie torrenting sites, I have tried and tested over 100 best torrent sites for movies to download movies. After a month of continuous effort, I have shortlisted the 10 best pirating movie websites for safe torrenting.

In this article, I will share the besttorrent sites for movies. Moreover, I will guide you on using a VPN to get safe movie torrents completely free in 2023.

Why Use a VPN to Download From the Best Pirating Movie Websites?

Before going into the details for the best torrent sites for movies, please note I do not promote or encourage use of torrent websites for downloading copyrighted content. However, I am against censorship and the fact that torrenting sites can be a site for sharing useful information. Not all content from torrenting sites and torrent search engines goes against the copyright law after all.

Here is why you need a VPN to download torrents from the best pirating movie websites:

  1. A VPN spoofs your actual IP address making you completely anonymous on movie downloading sites.
  2. The new virtual IP address provided by the VPN allows you to bypass restrictions when downloading torrents from geo-banned platforms.
  3. A VPN encrypts your network and provides ultimate protection from harmful content.
  4. It identifies fake torrents so you can avoid such files.

Best 4k Movie Torrenting Sites: Quick Overview

Here is the bird's eye view of my shortlisted best torrent to download movies:

  1. The Pirate Bay: the best free 4K movie torrenting site.
  2. 1337X: best torrent sites for movies with magnet links for peer-to-peer file sharing.
  3. RARBG: one of the most popular and best pirating movie websites.
  4. YTS: one of the best movie torrenting sites dedicated only to movies.
  5. Kickass Torrents: a revival of the Internet's best torrent website for movies, Kickass.
  6. 7MovieRulz: one of the best torrent sites for movies to bypass copyright infringements.
  7. Limetorrents: active community torrent website for movies.
  8. 0gomovies: one of the best free movie torrenting sites with global and regional content.
  9. Bolly4u: one of the best torrent sites for movies for Bollywood movies.
  10. Extramovie: Free torrent sites for movies for verified torrents.

Top 10 Best Torrent Sites For Movies – Detailed Review.

Let's talk about my best torrent sites for movies in detail. I aim to include only reliable options for torrent movie download sites so you know where to go the next time you need to watch your favorite movie.

1. The Pirate Bay: the best free 4K movie torrenting site

The Pirate Bay Home Screen
The Pirate Bay Home Screen

The Pirate Bay is unarguably the best 4K movie torrenting sites. Its popularity has grown ever since it launched into the market in 2003. Also, it is the oldest and most stable torrenting site that has grown above its past bans and seizures. 

The Pirate Bay contains millions of torrent files available at download speeds of 5 to 6 Mb/s. This is one of the best speeds for any torrenting platform. This speed allows you to download most movies in 3 to 4 minutes.

The Pirate Bay inner page
The Pirate Bay inner page

Also, it has useful tags and a clean interface that makes Pirate bay one of the Best pirating movie websites. The best thing about Pirate Bay is that you can always see the reliability of the files on Pirate Bay. Pirate Bay has taken a system called Skull. This system classifies the reliability of the information on this website. They are usually given as 

  1. Green Skull – trustworthy VIP users and uploaders on torrent search engines.
  2. Pink Skull – verified uploaders who are taking the major share of content.
  3. Blue Skull –front liners who remove all the unsafe and censored materials from the site.

2. 1337X: best torrent website for movies with magnet links for peer-to-peer file sharing

1337X Torrent Site
1337X Torrent Site

1337X is a versatile 4K movie torrenting site with the latest 4K pirated movies. Also, it has a range of TV shows, music, and even computer games. 1337X is reliable, safe, and free from any fake torrents. 

1337X gets more than 54 million downloads monthly due to its versatility and safety. The best thing about 1337X is that it does not display too many ads and has a clean interface for high-quality downloads. Also, the download speeds exceed 4 Mb/s.

1337X Torrent Site inner Screen
1337X Torrent Site inner Screen

This speed allows you to download heavy ultra-HD movie files in minutes. Moreover, 1337X comes with magnet links. These links allow you to easily share your favorite movies with friends and family. That's why after Pirate Bay, 1337X is my top choice. 

3. RARBG: One of The Most Popular and Best Pirating Movie Websites

RAARBG Torrent Site
RAARBG Torrent Site

RARGB is one of the best pirating movie websites. The homepage of this website will show you the most watched movies and TV shows. So, when you are unsure what to watch, select the best movies in your favorite categories. 

Also, it comes with many magnet links for the users to select from. This way, you can download copyrighted files and share them with your loved ones safely. RARGB is most popular for its premium quality content. Also, it is one of the few torrent sites for movies that frequently update its content. Also, it provides high download speeds to download your favorite movie in minutes. 

However, the biggest disadvantage here is the unnecessary ad pop-ups. So, while using RARBG, you must be careful not to hit malicious content. 

4. YTS: One of The Best Movie Torrenting Sites Dedicated Only To Movies

YTS Torrenting Site
YTS Torrenting Site

YTS is one of the best movie torrenting sites. It got popular as it dedicated the whole platform only to movies, providing the world's best movie content, as it has dedicated the whole platform to the same. Its home page is sleek with few suggestions and ads.

So, you can go to the search bar to find your favorite movie torrent. The average download speed here remains around 3 to 4 Mb/s. Also, most of the content is in ultra HD mode. Thus, on YTS, you can download and watch your favorite movies in 1080P.

YTS Movie Torrent Site
YTS Movie Torrent Site

Also, YTS has completely redone its website recently. The most useful feature it added was combining all the torrent qualities. So, now one movie has all its versions on a single movie page. Thus, you can select your preferred quality without having to go into the hassle of searching for one.

5. Kickass Torrents: A Revival of The Internet's Best Torrent Website For Movies, Kickass

Kickass Torrents
Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is another star in the constellation of best torrent movie download sites. It is basically the revival of Kickass, which underwent a site ban recently. 

Kickass Torrents regularly updates its content and comes with a user-friendly interface. Also, you get a high downloading speed of 3 to 4 Mb/s. This speed is fast enough to allow you to download 4k videos in the least possible time. 

Kickass Torrents Inner Page
Kickass Torrents Inner Page

The best part is that most of the content here is available for torrenting in 1080P. So, with Kickass Torrents, you will get the best possible torrenting experience ever. 

6. 7MovieRulz: One of The 4k Movie Torrenting Sites to Bypass Copyright Infringements

7MovieRulz Torrent Site
7MovieRulz Torrent Site

7Movierulz is popular for being one of the best 4k movie torrenting sites for pirated movies. It allows you to bypass all copyright infringements and torrent the latest movies and TV shows without fear. 

The best part is multiple video formats allow you to select and download free movies and TV shows in 1080P.

7MovieRulz Torrenting Site
7MovieRulz Torrenting Site

Also, you get subtitles here in multiple languages, so you can download foreign content and enjoy the cultural diversity. 7MovieRulz offers a download speed of 3 to 4 Mb/s which is good enough for movie torrenting. 

7. Limetorrents: Active Community Torrent Website For Movies

Limetorrents Torrenting Website
Limetorrents Torrenting Website

Limetorrents is an active community torrent website for movies. Here people upload content on the channel, so it is accessible to everyone around the globe. Not only movies, but Limetorrent also gives you popular TV shows, music, apps, and games. 

LimeTorrents Inner Page
LimeTorrents Inner Page

The torrent speed here is also comparable to that of others, i.e., 3 to 4 Mb/, making it a great choice for quick downloading. Also, Limetorrent has a simple user interface and does not display many ads. 

8. 0gomovies: One of The Best Free Movie Torrenting Sites With Global and Regional Content

0gomovies Torrent Website
0gomovies Torrent Website

0gomovies is one of the best free movie torrenting sites housing all the regional content you can think of. It has globally trusted users who upload their most popular regional media content. This includes TV shows, movies, and other types of content from local theaters. Here, the uploaders get paid for the number of downloads they get on their content.

0gomovies Torrent Website Inner Page
0gomovies Torrent Website Inner Page

Therefore, you can easily check the file's reliability by the number of downloads it gets. Also, 0gomovie provides high-speed torrenting and is user-friendly. 

The best thing about 0gomovies is that this website has subtitles in many languages. So you can download and watch all the popular global media content without any hassle.

9. Bolly4u: One of The Best Movie Torrenting Sites For Bollywood Movies

Bolly4u Torrenting Website
Bolly4u Torrenting Website

Finding the best movie torrenting sites for Bollywood movies? Look no further because Bolly4u houses all the popular Bollywood content here. Bolly4u has emerged as one of the best pirating movie websites for Bollywood content.

It allows downloading movies at high speed, and you can also stream here and watch movies online. Also, most movies are available in 3GP format. Therefore, you can stream and torrent in 1080P to imitate the cinema experience at home.

Bolly4u Torrenting Website Inner Page
Bolly4u Torrenting Website Inner Page

Also, if you are not sure what to watch next, Bolly4u lists the latest and hottest of the week. However, the disadvantage here is also the same as the rest of the others, i.e., the heavily advertised website. Therefore, you must be vigilant while downloading torrents to avoid hitting malicious content. 

10. Extramovie: Free Torrent Website For Movies For Verified Torrents

ExtraMovie Torrenting Website
ExtraMovie Torrenting Website

Extramovie is the versatile best torrent site to download movies. This torrenting site lets you download the best movies, anime, and TV shows at a fast speed. Not only are the torrents here safe to download, but you can also access all the content in 1080P ultra HD mode. 

ExtraMovie Torrenting Website Inner Page
ExtraMovie Torrenting Website Inner Page

All the media content on this website is free to download. However, it also contains multiple ads by which the website makes money. So, you must be careful not to accidentally click any unwanted content. 

Popular Torrent Website For Movies to Avoid

Here are the top torrent sites for movies you should avoid:

  1. 123Movies: This website faces multiple bans and raids by cybersecurity experts. There are no doubt multiple clone websites, but all of these still contain many malware files. Therefore, I recommend avoiding 123 movies for torrenting movies.
  2. RojaDirecta:  RojaDirecta is one of the most notorious torrent sites for movies. Not only is it full of scams and fake torrents, it also records users' data. So, avoid any such platform that risks your online security and privacy.
  3. Chitram TV: Chitram TV is the worst torrent website for movies. As soon as you subscribe to this platform, it hacks all your personal information. Not only that, Chitram TV is notorious for stealing your bank account information and then selling it to third parties on the dark web.

How to Safely Download From the Torrent Website for Movies Using A VPN?

Here is how you can download your favorite pirated movie from the 4K movie torrenting websites safely:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN.

  2. Download the app and log in to your account.

  3. Connect to the server of your choice.

  4. Now, download Torrent Client Software software such as UTorrent.

  5. Run the program and go to the best free movie torrenting sites you like, e.g., The Pirate Bay.

  6. In the search bar, write the name of your favorite movie and hit download.

  7. Make your popcorn till the download is complete, and enjoy.

Since accessing pirated movies means bypassing copyright, make sure you select only trustworthy and top movie torrenting sites for download.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Movie Torrenting Sites

When you are selecting the best movie torrenting sites, make sure to consider the following factors:

  1. Choose Only the Reputable Torrent Sites For Movies: When selecting the best pirating movie websites, make sure you only rely on reputable resources. Check for user reviews from social communities and online before torrenting any resource file.
  2. High Download Speed: You cannot wait for the whole day to download a single file, right? So, I recommend choosing only torrent websites for movies with a download speed of more than 3 Mb/s.
  3. No Malware: Before downloading any torrent file from a movie torrenting website, ensure it is not notorious for malware and virus files. Also, you need to use a VPN and scan torrent files from your computer’s antivirus before you open them. 
  4. No Personal Information: Always prioritize your safety before downloading your favorite content from a torrenting site. Remember, the best pirating movie websites do not require personal information. Do not use any downloading site that does otherwise.
  5. Ease of use: Look for a torrent search engine that is easy to use for torrent sites for movies. Otherwise, reaching and torrenting the file you want will be a great nuisance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you get viruses from Torrenting movies?

No, torrents from the best movie torrenting sites do not have any viruses. However, while file sharing, some files may get infected with viruses. So, I recommend being extra careful while torrenting files from P2P networks.

Is torrenting legal?

Yes, torrenting is completely legal. However, downloading copyrighted content can get you in trouble if you are not careful enough. If you get caught, you can be jailed or charged a financial penalty in most countries in the world. Therefore, I recommend using only the best pirating movie websites and a reliable VPN for downloading your favorite content.

How to pirate movies safely?

Here is how you can use the best pirating movie websites to safely pirate movies:
1. Use a VPN to stay anonymous.
2. Always use reliable video downloading software.
3. Select only the best free movie torrenting sites for safe torrents.
4. Pass the torrent file from your computer’s antivirus before you open it.

Which is the best VPN for torrenting?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for torrenting safely. It comes with the Lightway protocol to provide its users the ultra-fast torrenting speed. Also, military-grade 256 Bits encryption makes sure your system becomes completely hack-proof. Moreover, no log privacy policy and DNS leak protection provide foolproof privacy protection, so you remain completely anonymous.

Final Thoughts on Best Torrent Websites for Movies:

Torrenting movies has not lost importance in this modern era of uninterrupted streaming. The best thing about torrenting is that you can easily access many movies. Also, you can view all those viral media content in ultra HD mode without copyright infringement issues. 

However, you need to ensure you only use reliable and trustworthy sources while downloading your favorite movie next time.

Before you start downloading, important to remember that torrents can hide nasty malware. Whatever you do, don't accept a .exe download that's billed as a downloader or accelerator. You'll also want to make sure you are using a leading VPN service. I recommend avoiding the free VPNs instead of using a premium service like ExpressVPN if you are looking for torrent sites for movies.

I hope this article helped you find the best free movie torrenting sites. In case you have any more questions, comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I have a large collection of articles dedicated to sharing news, reviews, and deals on streaming services and devices. Feel free to check them out;

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