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Telef贸nica Triumphs! 馃帀 3 Seasons, UEFA & US Open 馃幘


In a monumental move, Telef贸nica has secured rights to some of the most sought-after sporting events. This Spanish multinational has set itself apart in the telecommunications field, and now it's taking a massive leap into sports entertainment. Here's a comprehensive look at Telef贸nica's sports rights acquisitions and what it means for the world of sports broadcasting.

UEFA Champions League: Football's Crown Jewel

Telef贸nica has procured rights to UEFA Champions League, a prestigious football event, for three seasons from 2024 until 2027. The 鈧320 million per season deal also includes rights to Europa League, Conference League football, and UEFA Youth League. Football enthusiasts can look forward to uninterrupted, high-quality coverage provided by Telef贸nica.

Complete Football Offering

Besides UEFA events, Telef贸nica's offerings also encompass Spain's LaLiga and other international football competitions. With the acquisition of DAZN, Telef贸nica now provides complete football coverage, creating an unparalleled experience for football fans.

Orange, a rival telco, has also acquired the rights to air part of Spain's LaLiga together with UEFA international competitions for the coming season. This licensing deal's continuity for subsequent three seasons remains uncertain.

Expanding Portfolio

Telef贸nica's football portfolio goes beyond the conventional boundaries. Movistar Plus+, its television service, will broadcast various football competitions like the Supercopa de Espa帽a, the European Super Cup, the Copa del Rey, Germany's Bundesliga, and Italy's Serie A.

Notably, streamer DAZN holds the rights to the English Premier League, while Warner Bros. Discovery鈥檚 Eurosport holds the rights to France鈥檚 Ligue 1.

telef贸nica triumphs signing agreement

Telef贸nica and US Open Tennis: A New Beginning

Telef贸nica's acquisition spree is not limited to football. For the first time, they have secured the rights to the US Open tennis. This exclusive offering will be available to Movistar Plus+ customers for 鈧14.

The addition of US Open tennis solidifies Movistar Plus+'s position as a significant player in tennis broadcasting. Their line-up includes renowned tennis tournaments like Wimbledon, the Davis Cup, the ATP Masters 1000 series, the ATP 500 series, and the best of the ATP 250.

Through a collaboration with Eurosport, Telef贸nica also provides coverage of the Australian Open and French Open.

Telef贸nica's Strategic Direction

Telef贸nica's investment in sports rights is more than a business venture; it represents a strategic direction. By providing an array of sports content, Telef贸nica enhances its value proposition, positioning itself as a one-stop destination for sports enthusiasts.

In a market that's constantly evolving, Telef贸nica's diversification into sports broadcasting is a testament to its forward-thinking approach. This move could be a precursor to broader strategic initiatives, aligning Telef贸nica with the changing dynamics of the media and entertainment landscape.

Impact on the Market

Telef贸nica's significant investment in sports rights is likely to have ripple effects throughout the industry. Competitors and collaborators alike will need to recalibrate their strategies to match Telef贸nica's comprehensive offerings.

Collaboration with Other Providers

Telef贸nica's partnerships, like the one with DAZN, exemplify the collaborative approach in today's broadcasting environment. Integrating various platforms and leveraging synergies can create an enriching experience for viewers.

Opportunities and Challenges

Telef贸nica's move into sports broadcasting presents both opportunities and challenges. While it positions Telef贸nica as a dominant player, it also invites scrutiny from regulators and demands flawless execution to meet viewers' expectations.

My Final Thoughts

Telef贸nica's acquisition of rights to UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Conference League football, and US Open tennis is a significant milestone. It marks Telef贸nica's commitment to innovation and quality entertainment, ensuring a holistic and immersive experience for sports fans.

As Digital TV Europe reports, Telef贸nica's move adds a new dimension to sports broadcasting, reflecting the evolving nature of the telecommunications industry.

In an age where content is king, Telef贸nica's strategic alignment with sports entertainment speaks volumes about its vision and ambition. It's not just a game changer in the telecommunications world; Telef贸nica is now setting the pace in sports broadcasting.


What rights has Telef贸nica secured?

Telef贸nica has obtained the rights to the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Conference League football, and US Open tennis for the three seasons from 2024 to 2027.

How much did Telef贸nica pay for the rights?

Telef贸nica reportedly paid 鈧320 million per season for the football rights.

What else is included in Telef贸nica's football offering?

Besides UEFA, Telef贸nica will air LaLiga, Supercopa de Espa帽a, European Super Cup, Copa del Rey, Germany's Bundesliga, and Italy's Serie A.

Will US Open tennis be available to all Movistar Plus+ customers?

Yes, the US Open will be available to Movistar Plus+ customers for 鈧14.

What other tennis competitions are included in Telef贸nica's line-up?

The platform also includes Wimbledon, Davis Cup, ATP Masters 1000 series, ATP 500 series, ATP 250, Australian Open, and French Open.

Who will air Spain鈥檚 LaLiga with Telef贸nica?

DAZN will also air Spain's LaLiga, while rival telco Orange has rights to part of LaLiga for the coming season.

What other streamers hold rights to football leagues?

Streamer DAZN holds rights to the English Premier League, and Warner Bros. Discovery's Eurosport holds rights to France's Ligue 1.

Is this the first time Telef贸nica has held rights to the US Open?

Yes, this is the first time Telef贸nica has secured the rights to the US Open tennis competition.

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