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Roku Disney Plus 2024: Simple Setup Guide 馃摵

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Introduction To Get Roku Disney Plus

Are you a fan of Disney TV shows and movies? Do you have a Roku device at home but can't figure out how to get Disney Plus on it? Well, fear not because I've got you covered with all your concerns like does Roku have Disney Plus, whether can you get Disney Plus on Roku and how much is Disney Plus on Roku.

In this article, I'll take you through the step-by-step process of getting Disney Plus on your Roku device. Roku and Disney Plus are great combinations for killing your time. Imagine being able to watch your favorite Disney classics, like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, or catching up on the latest episodes of popular shows like The Mandalorian and WandaVision, all on your big-screen TV. No more squinting at your phone or tablet, trying to follow the action on a tiny screen.

Unfortunately due to certain geo-restrictions, you might need a VPN to access Disney Plus. I recommend using a free VPN trial, as it is compatible with Roku devices as well.聽 To learn how to add Disney Plus to Roku, you need to stick to this article. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to dive into the magical world of Disney, right from the comfort of your own living room. Let's get started!

Can You Run Disney Plus on Roku Devices?

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Fortunately, Disney Plus continues to be accessible on a variety of Roku devices since Disney launched in November 2019. The app may get downloaded for free, but in order to use it, you must purchase a Disney+ membership. You may pay monthly at $7.99 per month or yearly at $69.99 per year. There is a seven-day free trial available.  

Why not combine three streaming services into one if you want even more TV entertainment? Sign up for the Disney Plus, ESPN+, and Hulu packages for $13.99/month and gain access to hundreds of on-demand Hulu titles, live sports coverage from ESPN+, and the entire Disney+ collection.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Access Disney Plus?

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Disney Plus is available in many regions, but some content might be geo-restricted based on your location. Certain movies or shows might be accessible on Disney Plus in the US but not in other countries. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help you bypass these geo-restrictions by masking your IP address, making it appear as though you're accessing the internet from a different location, such as the US.

What Features Should a VPN Have for Me to Watch Disney Plus on Roku?

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To ensure a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience, your VPN should offer the following features:

  • High-Speed Servers: Crucial for buffer-free streaming.
  • Extensive Server Network: Particularly in regions where Disney Plus has a broad content library.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: No data caps to interrupt your binge-watching.
  • Strong Encryption: Protects your data and ensures privacy.
  • No-Logs Policy: Ensures your browsing activity is not tracked.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy setup and use.
  • Multi-Device Compatibility: Works across various devices, including Roku.
  • Reliable Customer Support: 24/7 assistance if you encounter any issues.

How to Set Up a VPN on Roku to Watch Disney Plus

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Roku does not natively support VPN apps. However, you can still use a VPN on your Roku by setting it up through your router or by using a Smart DNS service. Here鈥檚 how:

Method 1: Set Up VPN on Your Router

  1. Choose a Reputable VPN: Select a VPN that supports router setup.
  2. Configure VPN on Your Router:
    • Log into your router's admin panel (usually found at or
    • Follow your VPN provider鈥檚 instructions to configure the VPN on your router.
    • Connect to a server located in the US or any other desired region.
  3. Connect Your Roku to the Router:
    • Ensure your Roku is connected to the router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
    • Your Roku will now use the VPN connection through the router.
  4. Open Disney Plus: Launch the Disney Plus app on your Roku and enjoy the content.

Method 2: Use a Smart DNS Service

  1. Choose a VPN with Smart DNS: Select a VPN provider that offers Smart DNS services.
  2. Get the Smart DNS IP Address: Log into your VPN account and find the Smart DNS settings.
  3. Configure Smart DNS on Roku:
    • Go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection on your Roku.
    • Choose either Wi-Fi or LAN depending on your setup.
    • Select Custom and choose Automatic settings until you reach DNS Settings.
    • Choose Manual and enter the Smart DNS IP addresses provided by your VPN.
    • Complete the setup by selecting Automatic for MTU Settings and Do Not Use for Proxy Server.
  4. Open Disney Plus: Launch the Disney Plus app on your Roku and enjoy the content.

Should I Use a Free VPN to Watch Disney Plus on Roku?

Using a free VPN might seem appealing, but it comes with significant drawbacks that can affect your viewing experience:

  • Speed Limitations: Free VPNs typically offer slower speeds, leading to buffering and low video quality.
  • Limited Server Options: Few servers mean crowded connections and less reliability.
  • Data Caps: Many free VPNs impose data limits, cutting your viewing time short.
  • Security Risks: Free VPNs may lack robust encryption and could compromise your privacy.
  • Intrusive Ads: Expect frequent and annoying ads interrupting your viewing.

For the best experience, investing in a reputable paid VPN service is highly recommended.

How to Make Disney Plus Easier to Find on Your Roku Screen?

Simply select it and hit the * key to move it from the bottom to the top of the screen. The application is quite simple to use. Content is being divided into groups such as Marvel, Pixar, and Disney+

There are also compilations of must-see franchises such as Batman, Toy Story, Flash, and Star Wars. You may also quickly get a complete list of every episode and movie available. 

If you don't have time to finish a movie, go to the Continue Watching option to resume where you left off.  Create your own user profile to receive a more customized experience. As a result, Disney Plus can utilize your watching patterns to propose movies you might like. Each user can also have their own watchlist, allowing you to easily select your favorites.

What Roku devices is the Disney Plus app compatible with? 

The Disney app is being supported by the majority of Roku devices introduced in recent years. You'll need Roku's newest operating system (9.2) to install Disney Plus on your media player or TV. Here is a list of all Roku devices that support Disney Plus:

  • Roku 1: 2710X
  • Roku 2: 2720X, 4210X
  • Roku 3: 4200X, 4230X
  • Roku 4: 4400X
  • Roku Streaming Stick: 3500X, 3600X, 3800X
  • Roku Streaming Stick+: 3810X, 3811X
  • Roku Premiere: 3920X, 4620X 
  • Roku Premiere+: 3921X, 4630X
  • Roku Express: 3700X, 3900X, 3930X
  • Roku Express+: 3710X, 3910X, 3931X
  • Roku Ultra: 4640X, 4660X, 4670X
  • Roku Ultra LT: 4662X
  • Roku TVs: Magnavox, TCL, Element, Philips, Hisense, Hitachi, Sanyo, JVC, RCA, Sharp, and Westinghouse

Is it possible to watch Disney Plus in 4K resolution on Roku devices? 

Thankfully, you can watch Disney+ in 4K resolution. However, not all Roku devices offer this enhanced streaming resolution. All of the following are compatible with 4K Disney+:

  • Roku 4
  • Roku Premiere
  • The Roku Ultra
  • Roku Premiere+

If your specific device is not in the list above then unfortunately, 4K resolution is not an option for you. However, your Roku will continue to stream up to 1080p, which is similar to high definition (HD).

How can you disable or enable subtitles on Disney Plus on Roku TV?

Some viewers may require subtitles while others may want to disable them. Are you wondering how to change Disney Plus language on Roku? You can change the language according to your region. Also on Disney Plus, you may watch any streaming channel with or without subtitles. To enable or disable subtitles on Roku, perform the easy steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch the Disney+ Roku app and choose the program for which you want subtitles enabled.
  2. Once the program has loaded, pick Star/Asterisk with your Roku TV remote.
  3. You will see a menu where you may pick “Closed Captioning/Subtitles.”
  4. By pressing the appropriate arrow on your Roku remote, you may turn them on and off.

What Can I Watch On Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is a streaming service that gives access to thousands of movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. The library includes classic films like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as well as new releases like Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.

There are also tons of TV series such as The Simpsons, Star Wars: The Mandalorian, and High School Musical: The Musical – The Series. You can also watch documentaries like Free Solo, as well as exclusive shorts like Forky Asks A Question. Disney Plus is a great way to get your Disney fix!

What To Do If Ruko on Disney Plus is Not Working?

If you are experiencing issues with your Roku device and Disney Plus, there are a few steps you can take to try and fix the issue.

1. Check Your Connection:

You should ensure that your internet connection is stable when trying to watch Disney Plus on your Roku device.

2. Restart Your Router:

If your connection is stable, you can try restarting your router to see if that helps the issue. Simply turn off your router and then disconnect its power cable from the wall outlet before waiting a few seconds and plugging it back in.

3. Update Your Roku Device:

You can try updating your device by navigating to Settings > System > System Update on your Roku remote and selecting 鈥楥heck Now鈥. This will install any updates that are available for your device. Once installed, restart the Disney Plus app to see if it helps the issue.

4. Log Out & Log In Back:

If the above steps don鈥檛 help, you can try logging out of the Disney Plus app and then logging back in by entering your account details.

5. Reinstall App:

Finally, if none of the previous steps work, try uninstalling the Disney Plus app from your Roku device and reinstalling it again. This can help to clear any glitches that may have occurred when you were watching the app previously. If this doesn鈥檛 work, visit the Disney Plus support page for further assistance.

Final Thoughts On Roku Disney Plus

Now that you know whether Disney Plus is available on Roku devices, you can immediately get started watching your go-to movies and TV series.

Disney Plus offers every single original Disney film from every era and genre, so if you're a fan, you'll like it. You may even view the original motion pictures, including remakes, of your favorite fairytale characters. Use a premium free VPN trial for 4K Ultra and ad-free streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Disney Plus features that are available on Roku devices?

Among the various features available on Disney+ on Roku, the following stand out:
There can be up to 7 profiles.
鈥⒙4 concurrent streams
鈥⒙燨ptions for quick accessibility
鈥⒙燭here are several avatars.
鈥⒙燩arental supervision
鈥⒙4K video streaming
In addition, the most recent 4K Roku Ultra edition comes with a remote control that has customizable shortcuts that allow you to access your desired material more quickly.

What exactly is a Roku pin for Disney Plus?

You may set up a four-digit Disney Plus Roku code on your Roku account to use as your subscription pin for Disney Plus or other streaming services. This four-digit pin is for setting up Disney Plus on any of聽your Roku devices.

Is my Roku ineligible for Disney Plus?

Disney Plus聽just dropped a few older Roku devices. Models from 2011 and before are no longer available. To efficiently stream Disney Plus聽and any of its channels, upgrade your previous gadgets to a fresh new version.

If you've read all the way through this How to Get Disney Plus on Roku, I am grateful. Hopefully, you can now watch Disney Plus on Roku without any problems! I have a large collection of articles and guides for movies, TV shows, series, gaming, and more! Feel free to check them out and see what else have I been watching.


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