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ITVX Streams Live Serie A Until Season End! ⚽📺

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Overview ITVX to Stream Live Serie A Until End of Season

ITVX, a UK-based streaming platform, has secured the rights to stream one Serie A game-per-week until the end of the 2023/24 season. The games will be broadcasted at 7:45 pm every Saturday evening, with Empoli v Torino kicking off the schedule on 6 April. The streaming platform will also show Bologna v Monza on 13 April and Verona v Udinese on 20 April, with more matches to be announced. TNT Sports is the main broadcaster of the Italian top flight in the UK, showing every game from the league except those falling in the 2:45 pm-5:15 pm blackout on Saturday afternoons through its linear channels and streaming platform discovery+.

ITVX's deal with Serie A follows their agreement to show one game-per-month from LaLiga, the top Spanish football league, on both linear and streaming channels. Additionally, ITV broadcasts live FA Cup and England women's games and will air the men's Euros this summer with the BBC. The matches will be free-to-air, making it easier for fans to access and enjoy the games.

Conclusion and Personal Recommendation

In conclusion, ITVX has secured the streaming rights to Serie A matches until the end of the 2023/2024 season. This deal allows the UK-based free-to-air broadcaster to stream eight matches in total on its streaming platform, ITVX. One Serie A game per week will be streamed live on the platform every Saturday evening, starting with Empoli v Torino on April 6, 2024. This move is set to provide sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts with more opportunities to engage with their favorite teams and players.

As a personal recommendation, if you are a fan of Serie A, you should definitely check out the matches being streamed on ITVX. The streaming platform is free to use and provides a high-quality viewing experience. Additionally, if you are interested in sports betting, these matches provide an excellent opportunity to place informed bets based on your knowledge of the teams and players. Overall, this deal is a win-win for both ITVX and Serie A fans, and we can expect to see more exciting matches being streamed in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Stream Live Serie A Matches on ITVX?

To stream live Serie A matches on ITVX, viewers need to access the ITVX streaming platform and select the live Serie A match they wish to watch. ITVX will show one Serie A match live and for free every Saturday night until the end of the season.

Options to Watch Live Football, including Serie A, on ITVX

ITVX is a leading streaming platform that offers live sports coverage, including football matches such as Serie A. Viewers can access the platform through a web browser or the ITVX app on their mobile devices or smart TVs.

Are Serie A Matches Included in ITVX's Live Sports Coverage?

Yes, ITVX has secured the streaming rights to eight live Serie A matches from the current 2023/2024 season. Viewers can access these matches on the ITVX streaming platform until the end of the season.

Is the Serie A Table Updated Live During Matches on ITVX?

Yes, the Serie A table is updated live during matches on ITVX. Viewers can keep track of their favorite teams' positions in the league through the live table updates on the platform.

Can Viewers Access Live Serie A Games on ITVX from Outside the UK?

ITVX is a UK-based streaming platform and is only available to viewers in the UK. However, viewers from outside the UK can access the platform using a VPN service.

What is the Schedule for Serie A Live Matches on ITVX?

ITVX will show one live Serie A match every Saturday night until the end of the season. The schedule for the matches is available on the ITVX streaming platform.


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