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How to Watch US Open Cup: 2024‘s Epic Soccer Showdown Unveiled! ⚽💥

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The U.S. Open Cup, a prestigious tournament in American soccer, is an event that garners attention from fans across the nation. Whether you're a follower of MLS, USL, or just have a passion for the grassroots of U.S. Soccer, the tournament provides a unique opportunity to watch clubs from different levels compete for glory. With a rich history and a reputation for upsets and dramatic matches, the U.S. Open Cup has become a significant event in the soccer calendar.

Finding where to watch the U.S. Open Cup matches is quite straightforward. Several platforms offer us open cup soccer live stream, making it accessible for fans to follow their favorite teams from the early rounds to the high-stakes final. The convenience of modern streaming has expanded viewers' access, and for those wondering how to watch US Open Cup soccer, the options are varied and cater to different preferences, whether it's a live match experience or catching up on highlights.

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Key Takeaways

  • The U.S. Open Cup is a key tournament in U.S. Soccer featuring teams from various leagues.
  • Live streaming options are available for watching all matches, from opening rounds to the final.
  • Accessibility to streams has made it easier for fans to engage with the tournament from anywhere.

Quick Stream Guide: Services, Availability & VPN Tips

For soccer enthusiasts looking to catch every moment of the U.S. Open Cup, a historic and exciting tournament in American soccer, finding the right streaming option is key. Whether you're in the United States or tuning in from abroad, here's a comprehensive guide on where to watch the U.S. Open Cup live, including details on streaming services, access types, geographical availability, and recommended VPN connections for viewers outside the available regions or seeking specific broadcasts.

Streaming ServiceAccess TypeGeographical AvailabilityRecommended VPN Connection
ESPN+SubscriptionUSAUnited States
YouTubeFree (selected games)WorldwideNo specific VPN needed
Fox SportsSubscription/TV providerUSAUnited States
fuboTVSubscriptionUSAUnited States
Sling TVSubscriptionUSAUnited States

Quick Easy Steps to Watch US Open Cup Live Streaming Using a VPN

soccer fans gather around a big screen, cheering and waving flags, as they watch the us open cup. the excitement is palpable as the game unfolds

For fans of soccer looking to catch all the action of the US Open Cup, I've put together a streamlined approach to ensure you won't miss a match. Streaming the games live is straightforward when using a VPN, and here's how you can do it:

  1. Choose a VPN Service:

    I select a Free VPN Trial with a reputation for reliable connections and fast streaming speeds.

  2. Download and Install:

    After subscribing, I download and install the VPN application on my device. This step typically involves running the installer and following the on-screen instructions.

  3. Connect to a Server:

    I launch the app and log in. Then, I connect to a server located in the United States, as this is where the US Open Cup is being broadcasted.

  4. Visit a Streaming Site:

    With the VPN connected, I navigate to a site that streams the US Open Cup matches. Options include dedicated sports streaming platforms or channels like MLSsoccer.com for live match streams.

  5. Enjoy the Game:

    Finally, I select the match I'd like to watch and enjoy it without interruption. It's essential to have a stable internet connection for the best live streaming experience.

By using a VPN, I can bypass geo-restrictions and ensure that I have access to the US Open Cup soccer live stream, regardless of my location. Remember, a good VPN service not only allows me to watch the games but also protects my privacy online.

How to Watch the US Open Cup

a soccer field with fans in the stands, players on the field, and a scoreboard displaying "us open cup" in bold letters

The US Open Cup is accessible through multiple viewing channels, including traditional TV, various streaming services, and online platforms. For fans looking to catch every match, exploring these options is crucial to avoid missing out on any of the action.

TV and Cable Options

CBS Sports Golazo Network is a primary destination for watching US Open Cup matches on TV. I make sure to check the local listings for the exact times of the broadcasts.

Streaming Services

I use streaming services such as ESPN and Paramount+ to catch live games. These platforms often require a subscription, but they provide comprehensive coverage of the US Open Cup.

  • ESPN: Offers packages that include a variety of sports channels, often featuring US Open Cup games.
  • Paramount+: A reliable place to find US Open Cup soccer streams.

Online Platforms

In addition to these services, I also watch the US Open Cup online through the official U.S. Soccer website which includes live streams of matches.

Why do you need a VPN to access?

At times, some US Open Cup games may be geo-restricted. Using a VPN allows me to bypass these restrictions and access the US Open Cup live streaming from any location.

What features should a VPN have for me to watch?

A VPN for watching the US Open Cup should have:

  • High-speed servers to ensure a stable and clear US Open Cup soccer live stream with no buffering.
  • Strong encryption for secure access to US Open Cup streams without compromising my online privacy.

Should i use a free VPN?

I'm cautious when considering a free VPN. Many free options may compromise my streaming quality and security. For the US Open Cup, a reliable, paid VPN service is a better choice to ensure uninterrupted and safe access to all the matches.

US Open Cup Overview

The U.S. Open Cup, officially known as the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, is the oldest soccer competition in the United States. It's a tournament where professional teams from Major League Soccer (MLS), the USL Championship, and amateur clubs clash in a series of knockout rounds.

Historical Context:
This prestigious tournament has been held annually since 1914, showcasing the breadth of soccer talent across the country. It bears the name of Lamar Hunt, an important figure in American soccer's development.

Competition Structure:
The competition layout is straightforward:

  • Early Rounds: Local amateur clubs have their moment against lower-tier professional sides.
  • Later Stages: MLS teams enter the fray, adding intensity and flair to the competition.


  • MLS Teams: All MLS sides in good standing are eligible to compete.
  • Lower Divisions & Amateurs: Teams from the USL and other leagues, as well as top amateur sides, earn their spots through various qualifying rounds or criteria set by U.S. Soccer.

The tournament is scattered with thrilling matches and has witnessed numerous underdog stories, embodying the unpredictable nature of knockout soccer.

Viewing Options:

  • Online Streams: Various online platforms provide live streams for fans looking to catch every match.
  • TV Broadcasts: Select matches, especially from the quarterfinals onward, are likely to be broadcast on national television.

As someone deeply interested in the U.S. soccer landscape, the U.S. Open Cup represents a cornerstone of the sport in America, offering an inclusive and exciting competition that unites teams across all levels.

Major League Soccer (MLS) Participation

soccer fans gather to watch the us open cup, eagerly cheering on their favorite mls teams in a lively and energetic atmosphere

As an ardent follower of soccer in the United States, I'm keenly aware that Major League Soccer (MLS) is integral to the fabric of the U.S. Open Cup. The participation of MLS teams provides a competitive edge and draws significant spectator interest. Viewers can watch these teams compete in the U.S. Open Cup through various live match streams offered by the league's official website.

The excitement surrounding the inclusion of established clubs such as Chicago Fire and expansion teams like Inter Miami further amplifies the tournament's appeal. Fans can often find these matches featured on television broadcasts or via online streaming platforms.

Furthermore, MLS has expanded its ecosystem, introducing MLS Next Pro, which promises to showcase the burgeoning talent from clubs' development academies. Teams such as NYCFC II represent this new tier, potentially adding a layer of intrigue to the cup competitions by allowing new talents to shine on a national stage.

To stay updated on when and where to catch the MLS action in the U.S. Open Cup, fans should consider bookmarking dedicated streaming services or looking out for announcements on television schedules. With the league's commitment, I anticipate that every stage of the tournament, including the must-see final match, will be accessible for enthusiasts across various platforms.

In summary, MLS's involvement in the U.S. Open Cup is a cornerstone of the tournament, ensuring high-level competition and wide-reaching accessibility for viewers, both via traditional broadcasting and modern live streaming avenues.

USL Championship and Lower Leagues

a crowded stadium with fans cheering, flags waving, and players competing in a us open cup soccer match

As a fan of the USL Championship, I find that keeping up with the professional teams, including the Richmond Kickers and Charlotte Independence, is a highlight of the soccer season. The league is brimming with talent and provides an exciting brand of soccer. As for the lower leagues, teams like Tulsa Athletic also bring a dynamic edge to the competition, illustrating the depth of skill across the United States' soccer leagues.

If you're like me and looking to catch live games, here's how you can stay plugged into the action:

USL Championship Teams:

  • Access the USL Championship live matches directly through the league's official platforms.
  • For teams like the Richmond Kickers and Charlotte Independence, check their official websites or social media for stream details.

Lower League Teams:

  • Tulsa Athletic and similar clubs may broadcast matches through local media or online services.

Streaming Options:

  • Keep an eye on USLSoccer.com for a wide array of streaming content.
  • Subscription networks might also carry matches, offering a polished viewing experience.


  • Some US Open Cup matches might make it onto TV, especially as the tournament progresses.

It's great when you can watch high-stakes matches as they unfold, especially the US Open Cup final. No matter where these teams sit in the league hierarchy, each game is an opportunity to witness the rich soccer culture that the USL Championship and its affiliated leagues foster.

Key Matches and Rounds

a soccer ball surrounded by stadium seats, with a scoreboard displaying "us open cup" and fans cheering in the background

I'll guide you through the essential stages of the U.S. Open Cup, highlighting the matches and rounds that stand out. From early matchups to the climactic final, each stage offers unique excitement.

Opening Rounds

In the First Round, amateur and lower-division clubs step into the spotlight, dreaming of upsets. It's where you'll catch teams from the USL and local qualifiers making their mark. I find these matches particularly fascinating, as they're ripe with potential for surprise performances.

Third Round action is where MLS clubs join the fray, facing winners from the earlier matchups. It's a thrilling round that often produces unexpected results and showcases the talent depth across all participating leagues.

Final Rounds

By the time we reach the Round of 32, the competition has intensified, with surviving teams from various divisions competing for a spot in the later stages. This is where the stakes are raised and matches become fiercer.

Finally, the U.S. Open Cup Final pits the last two teams standing in a winner-takes-all clash. It's not just silverware on the line, but also a spot in international competition, making the final a must-watch event for any soccer enthusiast.

Notable Teams and Clubs

soccer fans gather around tvs, flags waving, to watch the us open cup. cheers and excitement fill the air as the game unfolds

In the U.S. Open Cup, various teams from different leagues participate, showcasing the talent across American soccer. MLS clubs often enter as favorites, while USL and amateur clubs bring thrilling underdog stories.

MLS Contenders

The Major League Soccer (MLS) is well represented in the U.S. Open Cup with notable teams such as Inter Miami, Chicago Fire, Portland Timbers, and Minnesota United adding to the competitive field. Clubs like FC Cincinnati, Houston Dynamo, Real Salt Lake, Orlando City, and Philadelphia Union have all showcased their abilities in past tournaments, each aiming to leave a significant mark in the current season.

  • Inter Miami CF: A club that has gained attention for its high ambitions.
  • Chicago Fire FC: With a storied history, they are always one to watch.
  • Portland Timbers: Known for their passionate fanbase and on-field successes.
  • Minnesota United FC: A team that continuously shows growth and competitive spirit in the contest.

USL and Amateur Clubs

Below MLS, the United Soccer Leagues (USL) along with various amateur clubs contribute greatly to the U.S. Open Cup, providing surprising upsets and memorable moments. Richmond Kickers and Charlotte Independence are successful USL clubs known for challenging their upper-division counterparts. Additionally, amateur clubs like Christos FC and Des Moines Menace have had cinderella runs that captivate fans nationwide.

  • Richmond Kickers: They consistently bring a fighting spirit to the early rounds.
  • Charlotte Independence: Known for strong performances and challenging established MLS teams.
  • Christos FC: An amateur team that has achieved notable upsets in previous tournaments.
  • Des Moines Menace: Represents the potential for non-professional teams to make an impact.

Understanding Cup History

soccer fans gather around a big screen, cheering and waving flags as they watch the us open cup. the excitement is palpable as the game unfolds

I'll delve into the rich history of the U.S. Open Cup—American soccer's premier knockout tournament—focusing on its past victors and enduring importance.

Past Winners and Records

I find it crucial to acknowledge the significant achievements within the U.S. Open Cup. Major League Soccer (MLS) teams have frequently clinched the title, but the competition's openness allows even the smallest clubs to dream big. The U.S. Open Cup has a storied past, featuring notable champions like the Bethlehem Steel and Maccabee Los Angeles, and in more recent times, MLS sides like Seattle Sounders and Sporting Kansas City have left their mark.

  • Most Titles: Bethlehem Steel, Maccabee Los Angeles (5 each)
  • Recent Winner: I keep in mind that Seattle Sounders clinched the 2021 title.
  • Notable Records: The longest win streak in the modern era belongs to the Seattle Sounders, an MLS team that triumphed three consecutive times from 2009 to 2011, showcasing the dominance an MLS side can exert in the tournament.

US Open Cup Significance

Understanding the significance of the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup gives me perspective on its place in American soccer. As a tournament steeped in history, it's comparable to the prestige of Europe's Champions League, albeit on a national scale. The Open Cup is a key event because it determines which U.S. representative will progress to the CONCACAF Champions League, where clubs get to test themselves against the strongest in the region. Additionally, it offers a unique David vs. Goliath setting, where lower division teams get the chance to face off against top-tier MLS sides, allowing for potential upsets and memorable moments that add to the fabric of American sporting lore.

Broadcasting Rights and Coverage

a stadium scoreboard displays "broadcasting rights and coverage" for the us open cup. a tv with "how to watch" and "where to watch" options is shown

When it comes to catching all the action of the U.S. Open Cup, understanding the broadcasting rights and coverage is vital. Various platforms have acquired the rights to stream and televise the games, ensuring fans don't miss out on this historic soccer competition.

Television Rights:
The U.S. Open Cup matches are often broadcasted on television networks. For instance, some games have been aired on the CBS Sports Golazo Network, which is a reliable channel for soccer fans looking for live coverage.

Online Streaming:
Soccer enthusiasts can also access live streams through different online platforms. Services like ESPN have previously offered comprehensive coverage of the U.S. Open Cup matches. Moreover, subscribers of Paramount+ might find exclusive access to live-streamed games, including significant clashes like the U.S. Open Cup Final.

Streaming for International Competitions:
Viewers interested in international soccer competitions like the CONCACAF Champions League can also rely on similar broadcasting services. Certain platforms provide dedicated streams for these tournaments, which sometimes feature U.S. Open Cup teams.

List of Streaming Options:

  • CBS Sports Golazo Network: Television broadcasting
  • ESPN: Online streaming and live coverage
  • Paramount+: Exclusive access to various soccer competitions
  • Golazo Network: Additional streams for soccer events

To stay updated with the latest schedules and streaming services for the U.S. Open Cup, it's recommended to check the respective broadcasters' official websites closer to the event dates. With the right information, I can ensure that I don't miss a single goal or thrilling match moment.

Soccer Leagues and Competitions

players compete on a soccer field, fans cheer from the stands. a scoreboard displays the us open cup match. the game is intense and the atmosphere is electric

In my extensive experience following soccer, I've come to appreciate the intricate network of leagues and tournaments that showcase the sport's global appeal. From domestic competitions like the MLS and the USL Championship to prestigious international cups such as the CONCACAF Champions League and the FA Cup, each brings a unique flavor to the game.

Interconnected Competitions

Major League Soccer (MLS) is North America's premier soccer competition. It's a top-tier league where clubs compete fiercely for the MLS Cup. Additionally, the USL Championship serves as the second division, providing intense battles as teams strive for promotion.

Moving to international club tournaments, the Leagues Cup pits MLS teams against competitors from Mexico's Liga MX, creating cross-border rivalries. As for the CONCACAF Champions League, it's a continent-wide battle featuring clubs from North America, Central America, and the Caribbean all vying for regional supremacy.

Across the pond, England's FA Cup stands out as one of soccer's oldest and most storied tournaments, with a history of producing fairy tale runs by lower-league sides against English elite teams. In Italy, Serie A hosts some of the most technically skilled players and tactically astute teams in the world.

All these competitions exhibit not just the breadth of soccer's reach, but also its deep connections across leagues and nations, forming a complex web of rivalries and alliances. The game truly transcends borders, uniting fans worldwide through a shared love for this beautiful sport.

Digital Engagement and Fan Communities

fans engage digitally, searching where and how to watch the us open cup soccer match. excitement and anticipation fill the virtual fan communities

When I watch the US Open Cup, it's about more than just the game; it's a chance to be part of a vibrant community. I find that digital platforms are pivotal for fans like me who want to engage with the tournament and with each other. Here's how:

  • Live Chats & Forums: During matches streamed on platforms such as ESPN+ and Paramount+, I participate in live chats where strategies, major plays, and referee calls are fervently discussed.
  • Social Media Groups: I follow fan groups on platforms like Facebook and Twitter juxtaposed to engaging in real-time discussions during the matches.

By streaming on these services, I'm able to watch high-quality soccer streams of the US Open Cup, as CBS Sports Golazo Network and other outlets might cover the event. Streaming the US Open Cup soccer live gives me the flexibility to watch from anywhere.

Connecting with Fans: On match days, my ritual includes tweeting my predictions, sharing photos on Instagram, or going live on various streams.

  • Tweeting about the US Open Cup matches provides a space for reactions and predictions.
  • Instagram is where I share the atmosphere of where I’m watching, whether at home or a public viewing event.
  • Joining live streams, where I offer my real-time opinions and hear those of others, enhances the shared experience of the game.

While TV offers a traditional viewing experience for major fixtures, such as the US Open Cup final, I find that online platforms often provide a more comprehensive and engaging experience. Services like ESPN offer a breadth of matches, but it’s the interaction with other fans that solidifies the digital experience.

By engaging through these platforms, I deepen my connection to the sport and join a community of fans that extends well beyond my local environment. The digital engagement and fan communities surrounding the US Open Cup are a testament to soccer's power to unite people, regardless of where we watch the games.

Conclusion & Personal Recommendation

soccer fans gather around a big screen, cheering and waving flags, as they watch the intense us open cup match

I've outlined numerous ways to catch the excitement of the U.S. Open Cup. To ensure you don't miss a moment, accessing live streams of matches through U.S. Soccer's official channels is dependable. For those who prefer television coverage, details on broadcast channels will typically be available closer to match dates.

For the Final, finding an established sports channel or an online platform that offers high-quality streams can provide the most thrilling viewing experience. If you're in a region where the matches are geo-restricted, a VPN can be an indispensable tool. It allows you to connect to servers in different locations, effectively bypassing regional blocks.

When choosing a platform to watch the U.S. Open Cup online, consider the video quality, the reliability of the stream, and whether there are any subscription fees. Also, keep in mind the stability of your internet connection. A stable and fast connection is critical for live streaming sports to avoid lag or buffering.

Remember, using a VPN requires a subscription to a VPN service and some technical setup. Always use a VPN responsibly and in accordance with any terms of service and laws applicable to the streaming content.

I can confidently recommend starting with the official U.S. Soccer site for the most direct information regarding live streaming the U.S. Open Cup, upgrading to a reliable VPN if necessary, and ensuring a quality connection for the best live sports streaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

soccer fans eagerly search for ways to watch the us open cup, typing queries into their devices. the excitement is palpable as they anticipate the upcoming matches

In this section, I'll cover the essential information about viewing the U.S. Open Cup, ensuring you know exactly where and how to catch every moment of the action.

How to watch the US Open Cup?

You can watch live streams for all U.S. Open Cup matches, including preliminary rounds and the final. The tournament is accessible through various streaming platforms depending on your location.

Where to find US Open Cup soccer streams?

To find streams for U.S. Open Cup soccer, you can check platforms that have the broadcasting rights. In previous years, services like ESPN+ have provided coverage, and similar platforms are likely to stream the matches this season.

How can I access US Open Cup live streaming for free?

While most streaming services require a subscription, some matches might be available through free trials on platforms that offer them. Additionally, the U.S. Soccer website might stream select games that you can watch at no cost.

What are the options for watching the US Open Cup on TV?

Television options for the U.S. Open Cup often include sports networks that have acquired the rights. Details about the TV channels broadcasting the tournament are available closer to the event dates. Cable subscribers can watch on US TV as per the current broadcasting agreements.

When is the US Open Cup final and where can I watch it?

The US Open Cup final typically takes place towards the end of the tournament schedule. The exact date and viewing options will be announced as the event approaches, with information on how to catch the final live.

How to watch US Open Cup soccer online?

To watch U.S. Open Cup soccer online, look for streaming services that offer the event. A subscription or pay-per-view fee might be required. Ensure you check the list of official providers to watch online for a reliable and high-quality stream.


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