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How to Watch U21 Euros in US: Best Hacks 2024! 🚀

how to watch u21 euros in us

Wondering how to watch U21 EUROs in US? I've got you covered. You can watch the U21 Euros through CBS Sports Golazo Network, which provides comprehensive coverage of the tournament. Broadcasting partners are making it easier than ever for fans across the globe to enjoy the matches.

For those who prefer streaming, you can also find the matches live on UEFA.com and UEFA.tv. These platforms offer a user-friendly way to watch the games without needing to switch between channels or cable subscriptions.

If you're a fan of England or Spain's U21 teams, or any other participating squads, knowing where to tune in is crucial. With diverse coverage, you won’t miss a moment, whether you're watching on your TV or streaming on your devices.

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Key Takeaways

  • How to watch U21 EUROs in US is through CBS Sports Golazo Network.
  • Matches are available for streaming on UEFA.com and UEFA.tv.
  • Easy access ensures you don’t miss any U21 Euro action.

Quick Stream Comparison Table on How to Watch U21 Euros in US Using a VPN

I created a handy table to help you find the best streaming options for watching the U21 Euros in the US using a VPN. This will make it easier to pick the right service and VPN connection location.

Streaming ServiceAccess TypeGeographical AvailabilityRecommended VPN Connection Location
UEFA.tvFreeRestricted to certain territoriesEurope
ESPN+SubscriptionUS onlyUS
BBC iPlayerFreeUK onlyUK
Sky SportsSubscriptionUK and IrelandUK
DAZNSubscriptionVarious countries including Canada, GermanyGermany
  • For UEFA.tv, you can stream live matches in Europe. Make sure your VPN is set to a European country.
  • ESPN+ is available in the US, so no VPN is needed if you're already there. Just subscribe and watch.
  • For BBC iPlayer, it's only available in the UK. Set your VPN to a UK location to access the service.
  • Sky Sports broadcasts in the UK and Ireland. Use your VPN to connect to the UK.
  • DAZN can be accessed in countries like Germany and Canada. Set your VPN to Germany for the best experience.

Choosing the right service and VPN location will make watching the U21 Euros easy and straightforward.

Quick Easy Steps to Watch U21 Euros in US Using a VPN

To watch the U21 Euros in the US, you need a VPN. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

  1. Start by selecting a VPN service. I recommend ExpressVPN or NordVPN. These are reliable and easy to use.
  2. Once chosen, download and install the VPN software on your device. This could be your phone, computer, or even a smart TV.
  3. After installation, launch the VPN and connect to a server in a country where the U21 Euros are being broadcasted. TVNZ+ in New Zealand is a good option.
  4. Next, visit the streaming platform that broadcasts the U21 Euros. For TVNZ+, you can go to their official website.
  5. Create an account if you don’t already have one. This usually just requires an email address and a few personal details.
  6. Lastly, start streaming the U21 Euros. Make sure your VPN remains connected for uninterrupted access.

Here’s a quick checklist on how to watch U21 EUROs in US:

  • Choose a VPN service (e.g. ExpressVPN, NordVPN).
  • Download and install the VPN on your device.
  • Connect to a server in a broadcast country (e.g. New Zealand).
  • Visit the streaming platform (e.g. TVNZ+) and create an account.
  • Start streaming and enjoy the U21 Euros.

It's a simple process that ensures you won’t miss out on any exciting matches.

How to Watch U21 Euros in US

Key points include understanding available broadcasters, cable options, streaming services, and the need for a VPN to access certain content. Relevant entities will be detailed, ensuring clear and straightforward guidance.

Official Broadcasters

In the US, CBS Sports Network will be one of the primary broadcasters for the U21 Euros. This network frequently covers major sports events and provides detailed game analysis. You can check your local listings to find the exact channel number for CBS Sports Network.

Many matches are also available on the CBS Sports Golazo Network, which offers extensive football coverage. This 24-hour soccer network will stream live games, highlights, and in-depth commentary.

Cable and Satellite TV Providers

How to watch U21 EUROs in US on several cable and satellite TV providers? It's easy. Major providers like Comcast Xfinity, AT&T U-verse, and Dish Network include CBS Sports Network in their packages.

Make sure to confirm with your provider to see if you need a specific sports package to access the games. If not included, contacting customer service for a sports package upgrade may be necessary.

Streaming Services Options

For cord-cutters, there are various streaming services where you can watch the U21 Euros. Fubo is a popular choice, offering live streaming of CBS Sports Network and other sports channels. They usually provide a free trial period, so you can watch for a few days without commitment.

Another option on how to watch U21 EUROs in US is subscribing to CBS All Access (now known as Paramount+), which includes live streams of sports events via the CBS Sports Network. Make sure to download the app on your preferred device to stream the matches seamlessly.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Access?

Some content might be geo-restricted, meaning how to watch U21 EUROs in US will be tough because it’s only available in certain regions. To watch all U21 Euros matches if you are outside the United States, you may need a VPN. This lets you change your IP address to one based in the US, bypassing any regional restrictions.

A VPN also helps protect your privacy and keeps your online activities secure from hackers and surveillance. It can be an essential tool if you’re traveling or if the content you want is blocked in your current location.

What Features Should a VPN Have for Me to Watch?

A good VPN should have fast connection speeds to prevent buffering during live streams. It should also offer servers in the United States to access CBS Sports Network and other US-based streaming services. Features like no-log policies, robust encryption, and user-friendly apps are important.

So how to watch U21 EUROs in US in this case? I recommend looking for a VPN with multiple device support, so you can watch on your phone, tablet, or smart TV without issues. Reliability and good customer service are also key factors to consider.

Should I Use a Free VPN?

While tempting, using a free VPN comes with risks. Free VPN services often have slower speeds, which can lead to buffering issues during live events. They might also have limited server locations, restricting your ability to access desired content.

Additionally, free VPNs may collect and sell your data. They can compromise security and privacy, which are essential when streaming online. I suggest investing in a reputable paid VPN service to ensure a better viewing experience and greater protection for your personal information.

International Broadcasting and Coverage

a large television screen displaying the u21 euros match, surrounded by flags from various countries, with a crowd of enthusiastic fans watching and cheering

How to watch U21 EUROs in US and other parts of the world? Broadcasting the U-21 Euros spans various regions with different channels dedicated to bringing live matches and updates. Coverage details differ slightly across Europe, Asia and Oceania, and the Americas.


In Europe, several broadcasters ensure fans can watch the U-21 Euros without missing any action. The key players here are UEFA TV, which offers comprehensive coverage across the continent, and RAI, which serves the Italian audience.

Moreover, BeIN Sports covers multiple European countries, providing both live games and in-depth analysis. Fans can also follow the tournament on BBC and ITV in the UK, with both networks sharing broadcasting rights.

Also, the German-speaking regions benefit from ARD and ZDF broadcasts.

Asia and Oceania

In Asia and Oceania, the viewership is managed by a mix of regional and international sports networks. BeIN Sports extends its reach here, offering robust coverage across multiple countries.

For Malaysian viewers, Astro is the primary broadcaster, delivering live matches and highlights. In New Zealand and Australia, soccer enthusiasts can rely on ESPN and TSN for their U-21 Euros coverage.

Additionally, Star Sports serves a broad audience in India and surrounding regions, ensuring fans stay connected to the tournament.


In the Americas, the coverage is equally comprehensive. For U.S. viewers, CBS Sports Network and the CBS Sports Golazo Network offer both live matches and streaming options.

In Canada, soccer fans can tune into TSN for extensive U-21 Euros coverage. The Spanish-speaking audience benefits from Univision and ViX, offering broadcasts on TV and online platforms.

Also, ESPN covers South American countries, giving fans access to every thrilling moment of the tournament. The collaboration between these networks ensures no fan is left out.

Understanding the U21 Euro

how to watch u21 euros in us

The U21 Euro is a significant tournament in European football. It showcases young talent and serves as a platform for rising stars. Organized by UEFA, it has a rich history and a vital role in the sport.

History and Significance

The UEFA Under-21 European Championship, often called the U21 Euro, started in 1978. This tournament aims to provide a competitive platform for Europe’s young footballers. Players under the age of 21 compete, making it a key event for scouting future stars.

This championship has grown in prominence over the years. It's a chance for young athletes to gain international experience and showcase their skills. Many top players began their careers here, making the U21 Euro essential for European football development.

Format of the Tournament

The U21 Euro features a rigorous format to determine the best young team in Europe. The tournament starts with qualifying rounds, where national teams compete to secure a place in the finals. These qualifying rounds cover all member nations of UEFA.

Once the top teams are determined, the final tournament consists of group stages followed by knockout rounds. Teams are divided into groups, and the top performers advance to the knockout stage. The final match decides the champion of the tournament, highlighting the competitive spirit and skill of Europe’s young footballers.

Past Winners and Key Moments

Over the years, many teams have claimed the U21 Euro title. Spain and Italy are among the most successful, each winning multiple championships. Notable key moments include Spain's dominance in the early 2010s and Italy's strong performances in the 1990s.

Some of football’s biggest names, like Andrea Pirlo and Juan Mata, have shone in this tournament. These moments and players highlight the importance and excitement of the U21 Euro, cementing its place as a pivotal event in European football.

Participating Teams and Star Players

To guide you on how to watch U21 EUROs in US, it's important to learn more about this sporting event before you can live stream TV channels that show it. The U21 Euros showcase some of the best young football talent from across Europe. Let's dive into the teams competing in the tournament and highlight the standout players you should keep an eye on.

Team Profiles

Eight top teams are competing in the U21 Euros, with Spain, England, Germany, and Italy leading the charge.

  • Spain: Known for their technical skills and swift passing, Spain's U21 team is consistently strong, having won the tournament several times.
  • England: Brimming with promising talent, England's squad combines speed and strength with tactical awareness.
  • Germany: Germany's team favors a disciplined and methodical approach, often outsmarting their opponents with strategic plays.
  • Italy: Italy's squad boasts strong defensive skills coupled with sharp attacking tactics.
  • Portugal and France: These two teams bring a mix of flair and resilience, featuring players with high technical ability.
  • Romania: Though less heralded, Romania has a history of producing surprisingly effective teams.

Players to Watch

This tournament is the perfect stage for emerging stars to shine.

  • Morgan Gibbs-White: Representing England, Gibbs-White is a versatile midfielder known for his creativity and vision.
  • Anthony Gordon: Also from England, Gordon is a dynamic forward with an eye for goal and impressive dribbling skills.
  • Mykhailo Mudryk: From Ukraine, he's an exciting winger who combines speed with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Youssoufa Moukoko: Germany's Moukoko is a prolific striker, already making waves despite his young age.

Other notable players include Spain's star talents and Italy's rising midfield maestros.

Up-and-Coming Talents

Several young talents are poised to be the future of European football. These players may not be household names yet, but their potential is undeniable.

  • Gavi (Spain): A midfield prodigy with superb ball control and passing abilities, Gavi is already drawing comparisons to legends.
  • Jamal Musiala (Germany): Musiala's agility and intelligence on the field make him a standout despite his youth.
  • Nuno Mendes (Portugal): As a left-back, Mendes combines defensive solidity with attacking prowess, making significant contributions on both ends.

These burgeoning talents are expected to play major roles in their teams' success and could become the stars of the future.

Match Schedules and Fixtures

This part of our guide on how to watch U21 EUROs in US looks at when and where the matches of the U21 Euros will take place, covering the key stages from group matches to the final showdown.

Group Stage Matches

The group stage features matches between teams in Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D. Each group has four teams competing in a round-robin format. This stage is essential as only the top teams from each group move on to the knockout stages.

Here are some key matches:

  • Group A: Includes fixtures like Team A vs. Team B on June 21.
  • Group B: Matches like Team C vs. Team D on June 22.
  • Group C: Features games such as Team E vs. Team F on June 23.
  • Group D: Includes matches like Team G vs. Team H on June 24.

Most matches take place in the evening to accommodate live broadcasting.

Knockout Phases

The knockout phase includes the quarterfinals and semifinals. Eight teams qualify from the group stage, with matches held over a few days. Time zones and match days are designed to maximize viewership.


  • Match 1: Group A winner vs. Group B runner-up on June 30.
  • Match 2: Group B winner vs. Group A runner-up on July 1.
  • Match 3: Group C winner vs. Group D runner-up on July 2.
  • Match 4: Group D winner vs. Group C runner-up on July 3.


  • Semifinal 1: Winner of Match 1 vs. Winner of Match 2 on July 6.
  • Semifinal 2: Winner of Match 3 vs. Winner of Match 4 on July 7.

Final Match Details

The final match, the pinnacle of the tournament, features the best two teams left standing. It is scheduled for July 10.

The final is not just about winning but also about showcasing young talent. Fans across the globe will tune in to see future stars in action. The match usually kicks off in the evening local time, ensuring prime time viewership in the US.

For the full schedule, fixtures, and updates on how to watch U21 EUROs in US, visit UEFA’s official site for the tournament.

Betting and Odds

Understanding the betting landscape for the U21 Euros, and finding the best odds can give fans an added layer of excitement and help inform you on how to watch U21 EUROs in US. Let's explore how betting works and where to find top odds.

Understanding Soccer Betting

Betting on soccer involves predicting outcomes like match winners, the number of goals scored, or specific player achievements. Common bet types include moneyline bets (picking the winning team), over/under bets (predicting total goals), and prop bets (specific events during the match).

For the U21 Euros, you can see options such as outright bets on who will win the tournament. It's crucial to understand the odds format: fractional (e.g., 5/1), decimal (e.g., 6.00), or moneyline (e.g., +500). Each format presents the potential winnings differently, so make sure to choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Finding the Best Odds

To maximize potential winnings, you need to compare odds from various bookies. Websites like Midnite and Squawka provide up-to-date odds for the U21 Euros.

I also recommend checking promotions and bonuses for new customers, which can enhance your betting experience. Look for offers with reasonable terms to get the most value. Keep in mind that odds can change, so acting quickly on favorable ones is key. Make sure to visit UEFA.com for official information about the tournament and teams, which can aid in making informed bets.

Official Rules and Competition Guidelines

In this section of our guide on how to watch U21 EUROs in US, I'll cover the key official rules and guidelines of the UEFA Under-21 EURO, such as team eligibility and discipline procedures. Understanding these rules helps ensure fair play and smooth competition.

Eligibility and Team Regulations

Teams in the UEFA Under-21 EURO must follow strict eligibility rules. Players must be born on or after a specific date set by the UEFA, usually ensuring they are under 21 years old when the competition starts. Each team can register up to 23 players, including three goalkeepers. Registration must be completed within the deadlines set by UEFA.

Teams must also follow regulations concerning squad lists. Any changes due to injuries must be approved by UEFA before the tournament begins. Clubs must also release players to their national teams as per UEFA's guidelines. Compliance ensures a level playing field and fair representation of talent across participating nations.

Transfers and contractual disputes are managed under the competition's Terms and Conditions. This helps maintain order and player integrity throughout the tournament. Clubs cannot replace players after the tournament starts unless in cases of severe injury, and even then, they must provide medical evidence.

Fair Play and Disciplinary Actions

The UEFA Under-21 EURO prioritizes fair play. Every match is governed by strict disciplinary rules. Officials monitor player behavior, and violations can lead to penalties, including fines or suspensions. Red and yellow cards accumulate, with severe infractions resulting in bans from subsequent matches.

Referees are trained and appointed by UEFA to ensure unbiased officiating. The principles of fair play extend to spectators and team officials as well. Disciplinary actions also include measures against inappropriate behavior off the field, in line with the competition's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Teams may appeal disciplinary decisions, but the UEFA's final ruling is usually binding. This process upholds the integrity and competitive spirit of the tournament, ensuring all participants abide by the highest standards of conduct.

Venues and Hosting Cities

How to watch U21 EUROs in US in person? The 2023 UEFA European Under-21 Championship will take place in Georgia and Romania. Key cities, stadiums, and travel tips for fans are detailed below.

Stadiums Overview

In Georgia, games will be held at several prominent locations. The Adjarabet Arena in Batumi is a major venue. It has modern facilities and a seating capacity of about 20,000. This allows fans to enjoy the matches comfortably.

Romania will also host many games. Key stadiums include the Steaua Stadium in Bucharest and the Cluj Arena in Cluj-Napoca. These venues have been prepared to offer an exciting atmosphere for all attendees.

Local infrastructure is well-equipped to handle large crowds. I believe you’ll find the amenities up to international standards, enhancing your viewing experience.

Traveling to the Host Cities

Travel to Batumi, Georgia, can be done via Batumi International Airport, which has direct flights from several European cities. The city's public transport, including buses and taxis, makes it easy for fans to reach the Adjarabet Arena.

In Romania, Bucharest is accessible through Henri Coandă International Airport. The city has extensive public transport options like metro, trams, and buses, making it easy to travel to the Steaua Stadium.

Cluj-Napoca is served by Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport, with similar local transport options ensuring easy access to the Cluj Arena. Booking accommodations in advance is recommended due to high demand during the tournament and can result in more convenient and cost-effective options.

Support and Fan Engagement

Fans in the US can engage with the U21 Euros through a variety of exciting options. From local fan zones to interactive activities, there are numerous ways on how to watch U21 EUROs in US and show support for your favorite teams.

Fan Zones and Activities

Local fan zones provide a great way to watch the games with other fans. Cities often set up large screens in parks or plazas where you can enjoy the match in a lively atmosphere. These areas may also have food trucks, merchandise stalls, and live entertainment to enhance the experience.

In addition, many fan zones feature interactive activities. For example, there might be football skill challenges, trivia contests, and player meet-and-greets. These activities are designed to make the viewing experience more engaging and provide fans with memorable moments.

Conclusion and Personal Recommendation

Watching the U21 Euros in the US is straightforward with the right options. Based on my experience, utilizing UEFA.tv is the easiest method. The site offers live streams for the matches, and the highlight reels are usually up by midnight CET.

For those preferring TV, major sports networks might offer coverage. Checking schedules on networks like ESPN or Fox Sports can be helpful.

If access to UEFA.tv is restricted, using a VPN can be a viable solution. With a VPN, I can set my location to a supported country and stream the matches seamlessly.

Remember, geo-restrictions can apply, so always have a VPN as a backup plan. This way, I never miss a match!

I recommend testing these options before game day. This ensures a smooth viewing experience without last-minute hassles.

Happy watching!

Frequently Asked Questions

In the United States, there are several ways on how to watch U21 EUROs in US. From TV channels to online streaming options, soccer fans have multiple choices.

Where can I watch the Euro U21 championship live in the US?

For live broadcasts of the Euro U21 championship, tune in to CBS Sport Golazo Network. This channel provides coverage of various matches, including the semi-finals and finals.

What are the options for streaming Euro U21 games online in the US?

How to watch U21 EUROs in US? You can stream Euro U21 games online through CBS Sport Golazo Network's streaming platform. Additionally, UEFA.tv offers live streaming in certain territories.

Are there any platforms offering free streaming of U21 Euros in the US?

While many platforms require a subscription, UEFA.tv provides free highlights of all matches. It's a good option if you want to catch up on the games without paying.

Which TV channel broadcasts the Euro U21 tournament in the United States?

CBS Sport Golazo Network is the TV channel that broadcasts the Euro U21 tournament in the US. They provide extensive coverage of the matches.

How can soccer fans in the US stream the Euro U21 final?

How to watch U21 EUROs in US? Soccer fans in the US can stream the Euro U21 final on CBS Sport Golazo Network. The network offers live streaming options for viewers.

What services provide live coverage of under-21 football matches in the US?

Besides CBS Sport Golazo Network, some matches are also available on UEFA.tv. These services ensure you won't miss any live action.

That’s all for now:

I hope that you understand how to watch Euros U21 in US and other relevant tips! If you have any other questions in your mind, please feel free to ask me in the comment section below. Also, don't forget to check the other reviews and guides on my website too.


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