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Disney Plus Samsung TV 2024: Easy Setup Guide 馃摵

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Are you a fan of gripping Disney content, captivating Marvel TV shows and movies, and thrilling Star Wars series? Well, you are in for a treat. This guide is a blessing in disguise for you, as it will outline all the ins and outs of exploring the Disney Plus Samsung TV combination while diving into the endless realm of entertainment. 

Setting up the Disney Plus Samsung TV combination might appear like a hassle, but it is not. Whether you are a beginner or tech-savvy, this guide covers you. From mirroring your mobile devices to utilizing built-in applications, I will be hovering over all the ins and outs to watch Marvel National Geographic and Star WarsDisney Plus on the Samsung TV.

Must keep in mind that Disney Plus is a geo-restricted channel, and you can only access it on any device if you are in the United States. You can't access it if you live outside the US or traveling somewhere. The only way to access it outside the US is by using a reliable VPN. Using a VPN, you can easily change the region of Samsung TV.

This guide will also address the common issues and potential solutions for how to get Disney Plus on Samsung smart TV. Let's dive into the ultimate adventure of setting up the Disney Plus Samsung TV combination!

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How to Watch Disney Plus on Samsung TV?

This section underlines several methods for how to get Disney Plus on older Samsung smart TV that are often used to stream Disney Plus on Samsung  TV.

Built-in Applications:

The newer versions of the Samsung TV come with built-in applications for many streaming platforms, including Disney Plus. Viewers can go to the Play Store and download the Disney Plus application directly onto the Samsung TV. Further, this is the most convenient and easy method to access Disney Plus without using third-party applications. This is how you can get some guidance on how to get Disney Plus on your Samsung TV.

Screen Mirroring: 

Screen Mirroring is another widely used method of watching Disney Plus Samsung TV if it does not have a built-in application. You must have a compatible device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, and mirror the content to your Samsung TV. One of the popular screen mirroring options is Chromecast. This allows you to watch your favorite content with the ease of your smartphone on a larger screen. 

External Streaming Devices:

Another commonly used method is utilizing external streaming devices with your Samsung TV. You can connect Roky, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Fire Stick with your Samsung TV. These devices have built-in Disney Plus applications. You can connect it to your Samsung TV using an HDMI port and watch Disney Plus seamlessly. 


If you are looking for the ultimate guidance on how to get Disney Plus on a Samsung TV, from a region where it is usually restricted, you might have to use a VPN or a smart DNS service. A VPN spoofs your current location by masking your IP address while encrypting your internet connection.

To access Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TV from a region it readily supports. Smart DNS service routes your internet traffic by connecting it with a server that is specifically located in the region supported by Disney Plus.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using a VPN on Samsung TV

Here are simple and easy steps to employ a VPN service on your Samsung smart TV:

  1. Choose a premium VPN service that is optimized for streaming. I recommend聽ExpressVPN鈥檚 free trial. It has multiple plans you can choose from.

  2. Download, install, and set up the VPN on your device.

  3. Connect to a server in the US.

  4. Open the聽Disney Plus聽website.

  5. Find your favorite show and start streaming.

What version of Samsung TV devices is Disney Plus compatible with?

The compatibility of Disney Plus with Samsung TV depends on the models and the operating systems they are running on. Disney Plus is generally compatible with Samsung TVs that were released after 2016. Samsung TVs that have the Tizen operating system such as:

  • Samsung Q-LED series.
  • Samsung Nu series.
  • Samsung Ru series.

Moreover, if you have an older Samsung smart TV model incompatible with Disney Plus, you can use external compatible devices, including gaming consoles, Kodi, Roku, Fire TV, etc. However, always ensure that your Samsung TV has the latest version of the operating system installed.

What Can I Watch on the Disney Plus Streaming Platform?

Disney Plus app for Samsung TV offers a broad range of content, from classic films and series to original programming. The platform has a vast library of hit movies, including the Star Wars saga, Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Pixar animated films, and TV shows.

disney plus samsung tv
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It also offers exclusive Disney+ Originals such as The Mandalorian and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. You can also catch up on all the Disney Channel shows, including Raven鈥檚 Home and Big City Greens.

If you鈥檙e looking for something a little different, there are plenty of options to choose from as well. National Geographic content is available on Disney Plus, including award-winning series like Free Solo and The Hunt.

Common Problems That Might Occur While Accessing Disney Plus Samsung TV

Users might face several common issues while setting up the Disney Plus Samsung TV combination. Let鈥檚 discuss these issues and their potential solutions:

Connection Issues:

Users often face connectivity issues while streaming Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TV. This is often because of slow internet speeds, slow VPN connection, the distance between the servers, or because of high internet traffic during peak hours. Also, make sure the TV is connected to the Internet.

Streaming Performance: 

You might face buffering and disruptions during your streaming experience. This might be due to slow VPNs, and slow and sluggish servers causing additional loads. This might also reduce the streaming quality. Older TV models might also be a problem.


Compatibility is a widely faced issue that people often face. VPNs do not have applications for all kinds of streaming devices, including Samsung smart TVs, which might be a problem. It automatically limits the use of Disney Plus with Samsung TV. Some VPNs might not be supporting the Disney application.

App Issues: 

It is often seen that the Disney Plus apps cause several problems during streaming. They often freeze or crash while you watch your favorite content. They might also lack a few features.

Quick Fixes For VPN Issues That Might Occur While Accessing Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TV:

Fast And Reliable VPNs:

It is highly recommended to always opt for a fast and reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN. They have high-end advanced servers, offering lightning-fast connections and outstanding streaming quality such as HD or 4k. Moreover, connecting to servers nearby can reduce latency and minimize buffering. VPNs like ExpressVPN automatically connect you with the best-performing server with less traffic for optimized streaming.

Contact VPN Customer Support:

If you still face issues that are not taken care of, contact customer support. Premium VPNs like ExpressVPN have a friendly and helpful customer support crew that is available 24/7 to solve such issues.

Reinstalling The Application:

If your application keeps on crashing or freezing mid-way through, watch your favorite Marvel movie. Delete the application and reinstall it for better performance. This might fix some bugs automatically.

Clearing Caches:

You can also delete cookies and clear caches. Go to settings from your Samsung TV home screen and locate the Disney Plus application. Choose the option to remove the cookies.

Final Words Of Disney Plus Samsung TV

Well, I hope this guide answers all your queries and questions. Setting up the Disney Plus Samsung TV combo is straightforward, and several methods exist. You must keep compatibility in mind while choosing your VPN service.

Following the steps outlined in the troubleshooting guide will give you a seamless streaming experience watching classic Disney movies. When choosing a VPN service, ExpressVPN is an all-time winner.


Can I use a VPN to watch Disney Plus on my Samsung TV?

You can use a VPN to watch Disney Plus on your Samsung TV. But, I advise using a premium VPN instead of a Free VPN service. The cost-free option might seem appealing but it comes with a few limitations. Premium VPNs offer a reliable and secure connection along with amazing speeds. They also come with 30-day refund policies and a free trial option.

Do I need a separate subscription for Disney Plus to watch it on my Samsung TV?

You don鈥檛 need a separate Disney Plus subscription on your Samsung TV. If you have an active Disney Plus subscription, you only need a VPN to access it on your Samsung TV. Open the Disney app and start away.聽

Is it legal to use a VPN to access Disney Plus on Samsung TV?

It is legal to watch Disney Plus on Samsung TV using a VPN. A VPN is a tool that keeps your connection secure and protected from hackers and malicious malware. But I advise you to refrain from indulging in illegal indigenous activities.

Hope you enjoyed my complete guide on Disney Plus Samsung TV. For more questions, leave a comment below. Also, don't forget to read other guides and articles on my website.


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