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DAZN Pluto TV Channels: 5 Unmissable 🤩 Sports Hits!


Sports aficionados have something to celebrate as DAZN, a dominant digital sports streaming platform, collaborates with Pluto TV to offer a diverse range of sports content. Under the strategic partnership, five new channels are being introduced across Europe and Latin America, adding a new layer of depth to Pluto TV's already extensive offering. These channels are not just additions; they are revolutionary steps in making sports—both popular and niche—more accessible to fans across continents.

The Line-Up: Channels that Resonate with Sports Fans

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DAZN X Pluto TV International Football ⚽

Football has a religious following in Europe, especially in countries like Austria and Germany. This channel aims to provide live coverage of important soccer leagues and tournaments. It will also feature highlight shows that encapsulate the thrill and excitement of football matches. (Read more)

DAZN Darts X Pluto TV 🎯

Darts might not be a mainstream sport, but it has its legion of dedicated fans. This channel will showcase live coverage of darts events, including significant tournaments like the World Cup of Darts and World Matchplay. If you've never watched darts before, this could be your introduction to the sport. (Read more)

DAZN Fights X Pluto TV 🥊

Combat sports have been drawing audiences for centuries, and this channel aims to keep the tradition alive. It will feature nightly events covering MMA, boxing, wrestling, and European UFC fights. The channel is scheduled to launch on August 28 in Germany and Austria. (Read more)

DAZN Heldinnen X Pluto TV 🏌️‍♀️

Women's sports are gaining more recognition, and this channel aims to contribute to that trend. It will offer live broadcasts and highlights from women's sports events, such as UEFA Women Champions League and Ladies Professional Golf. (Read more)

DAZN Women Football ⚽

This channel will provide round-the-clock coverage of women's soccer, including coverage of Liga F and UEFA Women Champions League matches. The channel is already live in several countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, and Latin America. (Read more)

DAZN Pluto TV Channels Making Niche Sports Accessible

The collaborative effort between Pluto TV and DAZN to introduce these channels not only broadens the sports content available to viewers but also makes lesser-known sports more accessible. Darts, for instance, may not have the global appeal that football has, but through channels like DAZN Darts X Pluto TV, the sport can reach new audiences.

The Executive Take

Olivier Jollet, Executive Vice President and International General Manager at Pluto TV, expresses that this partnership echoes Pluto TV's commitment to deliver exceptional content to its audience. Pete Parmenter, DAZN EVP business development, shares the same sentiment, adding that this is part of DAZN's strategy to expand its reach globally. (Read more)

DAZN Pluto TV Channels Special Focus on Women's Sports

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Two of the channels focus specifically on women’s sports, a significant step towards inclusivity and empowerment. Traditionally, women's sports have not received as much coverage as their male counterparts, and this endeavor aims to change that.

My Final Words on DAZN Pluto TV Channels

This collaboration between DAZN Pluto TV Channels brings a host of opportunities to expand the viewing experience for sports fans. Whether it's the exciting world of football or the precision of darts, the introduction of these five channels, covering both popular and lesser-known sports, promises to redefine how we consume sports entertainment.

To get your subscription or learn more about these groundbreaking channels, visit Pluto TV and DAZN's official websites.


What is the main focus of the DAZN Pluto TV Channels partnership?

The primary focus is the introduction of five new sports channels that will be available across Europe and Latin America. These channels aim to broaden the sports content available to viewers and make both mainstream and niche sports more accessible.

Which countries will benefit from these new channels?

The new channels will be launched in multiple territories across Europe and Latin America, with special focus on Austria and Germany for several of the channels.

What types of sports will be covered?

The channels will cover a range of sports including football (soccer), darts, various combat sports like MMA and boxing, and women's sports like the UEFA Women Champions League and Ladies Professional Golf.

When are the channels launching?

Some channels are already live, but the DAZN Fights X Pluto TV and DAZN Heldinnen X Pluto TV channels are scheduled to be available from August 28 in Germany and Austria.

Are these channels free to watch?

Yes, Pluto TV is a free streaming service, and it will offer these DAZN channels at no additional cost to viewers.

How can I access these channels?

You can access these channels through Pluto TV, which is available on various devices including smart TVs, smartphones, and computers. Visit Pluto TV's official website for more information on how to get started.

Will there be live events?

Yes, the channels will offer live broadcasts, highlights, and on-demand special content.

Is this partnership also focusing on women's sports?

Yes, two of the five channels—DAZN Heldinnen X Pluto TV and DAZN Women Football—will focus exclusively on women's sports.

What do executives from both companies say about the partnership?

Olivier Jollet, from Pluto TV, and Pete Parmenter, from DAZN, have expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing their commitment to providing exceptional content and expanding their global reach.


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